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Beaches in Daman

Goa has long enjoyed the distinction of being one of the most popular beach destinations in India. The overwhelming popularity of the Goan beaches have overshadowed the appeal of the other beaches that India boasts of. Daman takes pride in a number of alluring beaches that are equally popular among the travelers visiting Daman.

Beaches in Daman features smooth sands, tranquil waters and are flanked by swaying coconut palms. If you wish to enjoy a perfect beach vacation, then the Daman beaches can serve as the ideal getaway. Whether you wish to soak up the sun or simply laze around in the beach, there is no match for the Daman beaches. Considered the idyllic spot for the beach comber and sun bathers, the beaches enable you to enjoy an ideal beach vacation.

The beaches in Daman are the perfect places to engage in a variety of water sport activities. Swimming is the most popular among these. The Jampore Beach, for instance, is best suited for swimming, considering the fact that the beach has a low risk factor. The tranquil and serene ambience of the beach is also ideal to enjoy picnics. You can spend some memorable and unforgettable moments with family and friends in the cool shade of the casuarinas.

The Devka Beach in Daman is reputed for its unspoilt quality. The presence of the amusement park and the multi-colored fountains enhance the appeal of this beach. The kids would also have a great time romping about the beach or keeping themselves busy with all that the amusement park has to offer. The beaches in Daman have loads to offer to the sun bathers, beach combers, swimmers and even pony riders. If you wish to shed the worries of the spinning and hectic world that leaves you with little time to indulge yourself, the Daman beaches are capable of providing you the much sought-after respite.

The Devka Beach in Daman is located at a distance of about 3 kms from Nani Daman. You would also probably like to check out the Fisherman’s Beach and the Moti Daman Beach. The Deka Beach with its rocky shores and black sand breaks the monotony. If you happen to be in any of these beaches, don’t miss out the opportunity of embarking on an exhilarating sunrise and sunset cruises that are arranged by the local fishermen. Most of the beaches are dotted by the seaside restaurants where you can gorge on some of the best sea food you have ever tasted.

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