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Gardens in Daman

Daman and Diu is the union territory of India. These two individual extensive districts are located on the western coast of the country. Of the two districts, Daman is extended over an area of 28 square miles or 72 square kms. On tour to Daman you will truly be mesmerized by its gorgeous golden beaches, thick palm groves and baronial historical ruins. It will be a delightful experience to relish the striking blend of sun, sand and sea. Leisurely strolls along the cliffs or cycling around the island will add an extra charm to your tour. There are many things you will enjoy in Daman. It is strewn with a number of interesting tourist spots of which gardens in Daman are chock-a-block with fun sites.

The Daman gardens can be said to be the perfect explanation of why the natives have such an enjoyable laidback life here. These are the ideal spots for the fun loving people who make trip to Daman to bask in frolicking experience and spend some time in leisure sitting in one corner.

There are several beautiful gardens in Daman. Each owns a distinct flavor and offers something different. On a visit to these garden or parks in Daman you will also vouch for the same. The best part about the gardens is that these are not just the eye soothing landscaped beauties but also the sites to take part in unrestrained revelries.

In almost all the Daman gardens you will find an array of recreational opportunities along with some other facilities. You and your kids can take fun rides in the garden. Some of the fascinating fun rides comprise of Go-Carting, Jumper-Boat and toy train. You can also take delight in number of water sports and computer games.

Or else, if you want to simply relax on the succulent green expanse of the gardens in Daman then the way sitting arrangements are done here are truly outstanding to serve your purpose. Facing the sparkling Arabian Sea the seating arrangements of the gardens not only help in catching some breath back but also in experiencing moments of peace and tranquility untouched of the creaky sounds of the mechanical giants and urban hustle and bustle.

Besides, the efficient planning of the Daman gardens will also mesmerize you to the fullest extent. Most of the gardens in Daman have elegant restaurants also that serve a vast variety of delicious spreads.

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