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Kadaiya Lake Garden Daman

There are many superlatives that can be added before the name of the city Daman. It is no doubt beautiful, stunning, vibrant and sparkling paradise on the earth and reflects the glory of the 1st century AD. The best part of this city is that it can be visited any time in the year. However more specifically the months spreading between October and May are considered to be the perfect period to seek pleasure here. During this span of time, weather remains very cool and soothing and most encouraging to taste the local delicacies of the region. However on tour to Daman you are also suggested to take sightseeing trip to the exotic locations of the city of which gardens in Daman are must to visit. You must first hop to the Kadaiya Lake Garden in Daman.

The Daman Kadaiya Lake Garden is also known as Mirasol Lake Garden. It is located near Kadaiya village in Nani Daman. The most fascinating fact about this garden is that it is an artificially created wonder. Near this garden a picturesque lake can also be sighted. This apart, dotted with sparkling fountains and boats, this garden is a perfect retreat to enjoy pleasurable vacations in Daman.

Description of Kadaiya Lake Garden, Daman

Also referred to as Mirasol Lake Garden, the Kadaiya Lake Garden in Daman is a very beautiful place to shun tiredness and regenerate lost energies. A visit to this garden implies complete recharge of the energy and basking in eye candy vistas. This lake garden is not a natural garden. It is an artificial wonder. It is encircled by a magnificent lake that surrounds the two lovely islands linked by a bridge.

To the delight of the tourists, the Daman Kadaiya Lake Garden is also graced with exotic fountains and boats. This apart, an addition of some contemporary sources of amusement like computer games and toy train has lent an extra flavor of fun to this garden. You will definitely like to spend time in its gorgeous Mirasol Water Park. Besides, the facilities for Go-Carting, Jumper-Boat and other rides will surely make your day a chock-a-block with fun moments.

After spending a day full of fun and enjoyment, you would also like to satisfy your hungering palate with great dishes at Kadaiya Lake Garden in Daman. It has a very amazing restaurant that offers a wide variety in cuisines that excel both in taste and preparation.

Famous as a favorite spot for film shooting, the Daman Kadaiya Lake Garden is very convenient to reach. From taxi stand at Nani Daman it is 7 km away. This apart, services of the auto rickshaws can also be availed to this place.


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