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Religious Places in Daman

With 2000 years of historical heritage, Daman boasts of rich culture and tradition. It is located in the Surat district of Gujarat. Colorful dance and lively music are the integral part of the routine of the natives here. In this melting pot of culture the flavors of tribal, urban, European and Indian life styles reflect and weave a unique ambience to bask in. You will fully get engrossed in its enchanting environs. However apart from these elements of fun, you can also seek peace for soul at any of the holy places in Daman.

Daman holy places are very renowned in the world and are highly venerated. In these places along with offering prayers, travelers also come to relish the refined work of arts of the artisans. You will completely be mesmerized seeing the amazing architectural patterns in these sites. The motifs will remind you of the Portuguese influence that Daman had in past.

On tour to Daman you must visit the religious places in Daman. Here you will get to view the work of wonders that not only cater to your aesthetic sense but also treat your eyes with adorable vistas. The elaborate and the intricate carvings in the walls and stones will impress you beyond words. It will be a pleasant surprise to your eyes and soul.


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