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Church of our Lady of the Sea Daman

To experience the fun of true laid back life, Daman is the perfect destination to head for. This little town with tropical élan sidelining the dullness of the beaches play a major role in attracting tourists to the West coast of India. Sprawling over an area of 72 sq km, it is known as a popular weekend getaway from the adjoining states of Gujarat and Maharashtra. Undoubtedly, Daman is an amazing picturesque port town nestled quietly to the sides of Arabian Sea. It is held that since the neighboring state of Gujarat is completely ‘dry’ so majority of the people pay visit to this part of the nation to buy alcohol. But actually speaking this thing becomes insignificant on taking tour to Daman. There are other things also that play a major role in decision making when one plans to travel to this tiny town. There are many tourist attractions in Daman of which holy places in Daman are highly recognized. You must come to Church of our Lady of the Sea in Daman.

Daman Church of our Lady of the Sea situated within the stronghold of the Fort of Nani Daman forms one of the principal buildings in the vicinity. It is cuddled on the tranquil northern bank of Daman Ganga River.

Description of Church of our Lady of the Sea, Daman

Church of our Lady of the Sea in Daman is counted among the most revered holy places of Daman. It is located in the enclosure of the very impressive and invincible Fort of Nani Daman which boasts of three bastions and 2 gateways.

The Daman Church of our Lady of the Sea is an imposing principal building in the fort area that is extended over 12,250 sq. m. Along with relishing the excellent architectural pattern of the church you can also run your eyes through the unsurpassable beauty of the large statue of St. Jerome and two giant human figures.


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