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Jain Temple Daman

Daman, often mentioned in the same breath along with Diu, is a very picturesque town in the west coast of India. Surrounded by Arabian Sea and having served as the Portuguese colony, Daman now inherits the royal Portuguese charm accentuated a bit more by tropical flavor. In this tiny yet attractive town you will get to see and enjoy many things.

Although it is held that Daman is mostly visited by the people in search of alcohol because Gujarat the neighboring state is completely dry but there are other factors as well that play massive role in its flourishing tourism industry. Today many travelers visit Daman for sightseeing purposes and relaxing on the pristine beach lines.

Besides, there are yet many who take a trip to Daman to visit the exquisitely done up holy places in Daman. Of the various religious places in Daman the one which attracts tourists to the fullest extent is Jain temple in Daman.

Daman Jain temple can be sighted in the northern region of Nani Daman. In this temple the magnificent sights of the refined mural paintings will completely enthrall you. Most of the paintings belong to 18th century. In these you will see the beyond compare depiction of the life of Mahavira who is a highly venerated Jain saint lived in 50 B.C.

Description of Jain Temple, Daman

Jain temple in Daman is located to the northern region of the very impressive and famous Nani Daman fort. The specialty of this temple is exquisitely and intricately designed and decorated inner walls. The walls have very elegant glass cover. The glass covers have 18th century murals. These murals represent the life of Mahavir Swami. Mahavir Swami is considered to be the founder of Jainism.

Apart from visiting the Daman Jain temple you can also take a hop to the Nani Daman fort or Fort of St. Jerome. You will also be delighted to catch the sight of the striking church of Our Lady of the Sea. This Catholic Church is one of the oldest seats of office. It boasts of a fine altar with splendid paneling. Besides, the sight of the fish market and small fishing fleet which anchors alongside is also very engrossing.


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