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Se Cathedral Daman

Daman is one of the best tourist spots in western India that can be reached quite easily. The rich history of Daman that is 200 years old offers several things for the discerning guests. Besides the grand forts, stately lighthouse, ancient monuments, and the Gothic styled churches, you can also visit the Holy Places in Daman. One such place that truly deserves the attention is the Se cathedral in Daman which boasts of a magnificent piece of architecture.

History of Se Cathedral, Daman

The Se Cathedral in Daman takes us back into the 17th century. This cathedral is completely done in Iberian style and pattern.

Description of Se Cathedral, Daman

The Se Cathedral had been renovated in the recent past. Every tourist who visits this particular cathedral is sure to get spellbound by its grandeur and sublimity of art. This cathedral is also celebrated for its altar which is adorned magnificently and catches the attention of even the listless tourist. Apart from the regular tourists, a lot of local people also come to this cathedral to hear the sermons and offer their prayers. The architecture of Se Cathedral in Daman is aesthetic and a landmark in itself. The magnificent Gothic art of the 17th century visible at this cathedral would captivate you for sure.

So, ensure to visit the Se Cathedral, Daman when you come to this place.


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