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Monuments in Daman

Quite close to Bombay and little far from the deafening cries of the urban life, Daman is a former Portuguese colony and a stunning port town. It is a popular hang out for most of the city dwellers who want an ideal escape from the humdrum of the city life. In this Portuguese conclave countless memories are shrouded in the historical sites. These sites not only carry the legacy of the past but also inherit the elements of that era which bring in the spot light the architectural magnificence of the town and also the new developments that are taking place. Truly speaking, there are many things to captivate your attention. For instance, you can recline on the pristine beaches to cast off tiredness or you can look for shopping to splurge on money. However what gains prime importance in this colonial region is sightseeing. There are diverse types of tourist attractions in Daman of which monuments in Daman are the delightful sight for every visitor.

On tour to Daman you will be fascinated by the impeccable beauty of the Daman monuments and the archival importance they hold. It is very famous about Daman that it is the place for sun bathers, beachcombers, swimmers, shoppers, sightseers and last but not the least monument lovers. This proves pretty well that visiting monuments in Daman is counted separately from the sightseeing trip which primarily implies traveling to gardens and holy places. However this segregation will be somewhat unfair. So it is better to say that monuments in Daman form an integral part of the tourist attractions.

On arriving at Daman you must take a hop to the exquisite memorials in Daman. There are various types of the monuments in Daman of which forts warrant special attention. The forts in Daman are the quintessential replica of the majestic power and endurance. Although all the forts are not very extensive and expansive but the location they are nestled in and the sites they feature within their boundaries add an extra flavor to your visits.

One very peculiar feature of the Daman monuments that will enchant you most is the moss-grown ramparts extending beyond the slimy moat. Besides, the way these forts served as an abode to the Portuguese administrators will also intrigue you. For experiencing this beguiling effect of the monuments you must visit Moti Daman which is also referred to as Bigger Daman. From here a move to Lighthouse will be worth as perched on the north-west end of the fort; it offers panoramic vistas of the sparkling sea amidst the aroma of colonial charm.


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