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Moti Daman Fort Daman

Moti Daman Fort in Daman features among one of the popular monuments in Daman. Touted as the popular tourist attractions of Daman, the place is characterized by a dream-like ambience. The construction of Daman’s Moti Daman Fort is credited to the Portuguese who built up their settlement at this place. One can expect to delight in mesmerizing and breathtaking views across the river to Nani Daman from the bulwarks near the lighthouse.

History of Moti Daman Fort, Daman

Moti Daman Fort in Daman dates back to 1559 AD. Before the construction of the fort, there used to exist a Muslim bastion at the site, which was controlled by an Abyssinian chief. The Portuguese kick-started the construction of the Moti Daman fort after the subjugation of the Muslim citadel. The construction work continued well up to the end of the sixteenth century.

Description of Moti Daman Fort, Daman

Daman’s Moti Daman Fort sprawls an area of about 30,000 square meters and features ten bastions and two imposing gateways. The presence of a deep trench indicates the urgency to shield the fort against enemy attack. The fort, when considered in its entirety, is polygonal in structure. One remarkable and unique aspect of the structure of the fort is the projections that jut out at regular intervals. The low wall along the edge of the roof is provided with loop holes. Another interesting feature is the flight of steps that connects the terraces to the inner ground surface. This was most probably used as a safety valve in the face of an enemy attack. The barracks along the wall were meant to house the defense personnel. Within the confines of the Moti Daman Fort are located the Secretariat and other important official buildings. You would also do well to visit the churches that are there. Special mentions needs be made of the St Cathedral whose origin can be traced back to the seventeenth century. The Church of Our Lady of the Rosary also deserves a special visit. Here you will stumble upon the ancient Portuguese tombstones. Marvel at the altar that is made up of an exquisitely carved gold-painted wood.

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