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Nani Daman Fort

There are diverse types of tourist attractions in Daman. All are marked with distinct features and have something unique to offer to the eyes of the beholder. On tour to Daman after visiting each of the famous stop you will also acknowledge the same. However the common element that will be found predominant in all is the dash of Portuguese colonial charm. Somehow or the other each site will carry you back in time of the colonial legacy of Portuguese rule. On browsing through the magnificent sites, you will mostly be attracted to the monuments in Daman. The special feature of the Daman monuments is that they all are graced with invaluable architectural patterns. This apart, sprawling over the wide expanse of the land, they feature a conglomeration of different sightseeing spots. The very good and most suited example in this case is Nani Daman Fort in Daman.

The Daman Nani Daman Fort encircles an area of 12,250 sq. meters. Although it is a small fort but it features three bastions and 2 gateways. It is said that the most attractive and enthralling part of this fort is the gigantic gateway that faces the river with a huge statue of St. Jerome and 2 magnanimous human figures. However this is not just it. You will also come across the Church of Our Lady of the Sea which is touted to be the principal building in the fort.

Description of Nani Daman Fort, Daman

The Nani Daman Fort in Daman is one of the most spectacular sites in Daman. It has elegantly laid out high stone walls. It surrounds an area of 12,250 sq. meters. Its 3 bastions and 2 gateways are the excellent sights to behold. Of these, however, the one which holds an unwavering attention is the mammoth gateway facing the river with a huge statue of St. Jerome and 2 gigantic human figures on both the sides of the gateway. This apart, you will also come across the impressive church of Our Lady of the Sea which is the principal building in the premises of the Fort and boasts of refined paneling.

After sightseeing the wonderful Daman Nani Daman Fort you can also pay visits to the nearby attractions of the region of which the major highlight has been put on Gandhi Park near Nani Daman jetty.


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