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Peaks and Mountains Dantewada

Tourism has been over the years a major source of income for the government. The superfluity as well as a variety of nature's gifts is synchronous with the varied cultures and religions of the country. Owing to the various kinds of natural beauty in the Northern, Southern, Eastern and Western parts of the country, there is a huge influx of tourists round the year, enjoying the goods of various seasons at various corners of the nation. Chhattisgarh being one of the states with beautiful natural sceneries on display has Dantewada as a picturesque little town which attracts a huge number of tourists. The Peaks and Mountains of Dantewada are really fascinating if you are looking for a peaceful getaway.

Baila Dila, Dantewada is one of the mountain ranges which is famous and attracts a large number of tourists. It is basically known for its top grade mining ores. It is an industrial belt, covering two small towns, Bacheli (29 km from Dantewada) and Kirandul (41 km from Dantewada). The iron ore is at the top of the highest peak, the Akash Nagar. The way to Akash Nagar through winding forests from Bacheli via the 22 km long road is a wonderful experience. Shaped like the hump of an ox, it gets its name as Baila Dila.

With due permission from the National Mineral Development Corporation, you can opt to visit the place and enjoy the beauty there.

Another one of the Peaks and Mountains of Dantewada is the Kailash Nagar, 12 km from Kirandul. Here the deposits of "Blue Dust" create a dream like aura.

One of the enchanting Peaks and Mountains is the Baila Dila range, visiting which promises to be a memorable experience. On your Tour to Dantewada, please do visit the Peaks and Mountains, which are definitely going to entrance you to the core.

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