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Tribal Culture in Dantewada

Amongst other states in India, the state of Chhattisgarh houses the beautiful Dantewada district which was born in the year 1998, which was, until then, a tehsil of the larger Bastar District. Once here, the Tribal Culture in Dantewada is sure to interest you.

Dantewada ruled by different dynasties at different points of time in history, the city owes this tribal connection to an era as long as 1500 B.C. The occupants along the Sindhu river got scattered from the Prag Dravidians in 1500 B.C and the following dynasties ensued:

Nalas - 350-760 A.D

Nagas - 760- 1324 A.D

Today Dantewada is home to several tribes, like, the Muriyas/Dandami Mariyas or Gonds, Dorla and Halba. They generally feed on non vegetarian food and lots of liquor (paje). Kosra, rice and Madiya are their principal main grains.

The tribals do not wear much clothing. Instead, ornaments happen to form the main sources to cover their bodies. Khosa (beautiful braid lock), Khinwa (ear tops), Phuli (nose ring), garland of Karipot, Chapsari (necklace), Muhar Mala (necklace), Chude, Chudiya, etc. are the ornaments they wear. These are mostly made of gold, silver, brass, aliminium, lead, clay and wood.

The tribals indulge in occult practice of varied types, like voodoos, sorcery, black magic, etc. They celebrate various festivals, like Vijja Pandum, Ama Pandum, Pane Pandum, Dela Pandum, Podla Pandum, Amus, Chikma, Karta and Gadi Pandum. These are mostly concerned with reaping and harvesting and farming. Their deities include, Danteshwari, Mawli Mata, Bhima Dev, Bhairam Dev, Ghat Dev, Aanga Dev, Seethla Devi and Mother Nature.

Apart from farming, animal husbandry and poultry are the other occupational options. The Tribal Culture in Dantewada relating to marriage is unusual. Curious types of marriage practices, like, polygamy, old age marriage, etc are in vogue.

The following are the tribals- sources of entertainment:


  • Leja, Reelo, Mariro,
  • Sona, Dhankul Geet,
  • Chait Parab Geet,
  • Kotni
  • Jhaliyana Geet


  • Dandami-Maria,
  • Gurgal, Karsad,
  • Dandari,
  • Gedi

Folk dramas, like Giti, Bhatra, Dandari and Murga Ladai are other forms of entertainment.

The different handiworks of the tribals are worth appreciating. Artistic items made from clay, wood, stone, bamboo, different metals and shells and peacock feathers are unique in their own ways.

The Memory Pillars of Gamawada, Dantewada are stone pillars erected in memory of the ancestors of the tribals.

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