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Memory Pillars of Gamawada

Tourism in the Indian sub continent has been one of the noteworthy sources of income. India's natural abundance and its strong historical base attached to various parts of the country have pulled tourists from India and abroad. Having of late come into being after the division of the state of Madhya Pradesh, the state of Chhattisgarh, can boast of the beautiful district of Dantewada which was brought to existence in the year 1998. It was, till then, a tehsil of the larger Bastar District. Among the various Tourist Attractions in Dantewada, the Memory Pillars of Gamawada are strikingly curious and stunning.

Dantewada reigned by various dynasties at different points of time in history, owes its tribal link to the rulers of 1500 B.C. The inhabitants along the Sindhu river got dispersed from the Prag Dravidians and these dynasties followed in due time:

Nalas - 350-760 A.D

Nagas - 760- 1324 A.D

In the present day Dantewada is the home of numerous tribes, like, the Muriyas/Dandami Mariyas or Gonds, Dorla and Halba. The tribal people have their own culture and tradition to look up to and they exhibit their own works of art quite elegantly.

As part of commemoration and remembrance of their predecessors, ancestors and forefathers, the tribes in the small village of Gamawada, which is on the way to Bacheli, had built pillars out of stone, much in the lines of the Stonehenge (U.K). In order to keep the memories of the dead and the deceased kin alive, the gigantic pillars were erected by the local tribes centuries ago. The Memory Pillars of Gamawada have, over the years proved to be one of the strongest Tourist Attractions in Dantewada.

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