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Glenery’s in Darjeeling

Glenary's in Darjeeling is one of the most popular remnants and has a colonial charm that attracts visitors worldwide. Visiting this attraction of Darjeeling is one of the best things to do as you can cover many kinds of experiences in one place. The delicious restaurant, café, and bakery is a place to enjoy the colonial era's delicious remnants. The old-world English charm has been carefully created in the ambiance. The platters of food are downright mouthwatering. Tourists love to indulge in dining at Glenery's. This place has the potential to amaze you in so many ways. It will make your Darjeeling tour more appealing. So, book your Darjeeling tour packages with us. We provide the best deals on Darjeeling holiday packages that you can customize as per your own desires.


The charming café, bakery, and restaurant have existed with other names. It has been providing delicious delights since the days of the British Raj. Glenery's is a recent name. Since 1945 it has gone by the name. The charming location for the best treats in Darjeeling has made its name among locals and even tourists.


The comfy ambiance of Glenery's is created with its polished wooden floors and comfortable seating furniture. It still has the original fireplace, French windows, and carved columns. Added attractions are evening dances with entertaining live bands. The linen tablecloths add to the classy atmosphere. An old telephone box also has a place here and offers lovely tunes and music throughout the day.

Of note is the breakfast meal the restaurant is so famous for. Relish sandwiches, burgers, rolls, pies, pizzas, pastries, cakes, and many other items, including fresh bread and loaves. Do not miss a cup of the great tea of Darjeeling and visit the famous tea garden. The other delights are the yummy Continental sizzlers, Chinese dishes, tandoori specials, and veg gratin. There is a bar in the basement. Internet connectivity is also provided, a catch as the hill station has limited options.

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