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Dhar Fort Madhya Pradesh

The Dhar Fort is the most important historical monument in Dhar which was the capital of the legendary king Bhoj. It is situated at a distance of about 3 km from the central area of the town. When Alauddin Khalji came to power in Delhi, Islamic influence started spreading in Dhar. He took initiative and started the construction of the Dhar Fort. In the year 1344 the work was completed. The Dhar Fort still stands after the passage of so many years.

Dhar was an important centre at the time of the Great revolt of 1857. The Dhar Fort was captured by the Indian freedom fighters and kept in their possession for four months from July to October.

The fort is situated to the north of the town. It stands on top of a small hill. It was constructed out of red sandstone. The architecture of the fort is a combination of Hindu, Mughal and Afghan style and this is its uniqueness. The Dhar fort in Madhya Pradesh contained the palace of the Raja. The best part is that this fort has been well preserved and you can get great views of the surrounding area from the ramparts of the fort.

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