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Limestone Caves Diglipur

These limestone caves change their shapes during rains, which supposedly happens due to a chemical process. One of the nature’s gift to Andamans, the limestone caves at Diglipur is a delight for the visitor. A slightly lesser-known attraction of the island, Alfred caves are located near the Ram Nagar beach. These limestone caves are very similar those the caves seen in Baratang. In order to arrive at the cave, one needs to keep trekking for around an hour’s time, through mangrove forest. However, the sun doesn’t takes a toll on you as you walk in shade of the trees. Do not forget to carry a water bottle and wear a comfortable pair of shoes.

The path that leads to the Alfred caves in Dihlipur is quite narrow. It is better if you are accompanied by a forest guide who knows how to reach them. There is a total of around 41 caves but out of these, very less accessible by visitors. It is almost impossible to go inside the other caves as they are extremely narrow. Swiftlet birds call these caves their home and their nests can be seen here.

Enter one of the caves, there is complete darkness and nothing can be seen. Bats are also found inside the caves. Although the caves appear to be quite narrow but they are small and thin but pretty long. One can also notice, a number of small caves inside the bigger one. It is ideal to leave for the caves early in the morning so that you be back by the time it is evening.

How to reach

To reach Alfred Caves, arrive at Kalara Junction from where you have to reach Ramnagar. The other option is to go on-board a bus from Diglipur bus stand and get down at Ramnagar. It is ideal to hire a guide from you who would take you to the caves.


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