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St Paul’s Church Diu

Diu is a Portuguese colony like Goa. It is located on the western coast away from the Gulf of Cambay. Graced with limestone cliffs, stony coves and sandy beaches, Diu is known for its cool breeze and enchanting beauty. Set off the Saurashtra coast of Gujarat adjoining Junagadh district, it is an ideal gateway to bask in glistening sand beaches, thick palm-groves and historical monuments. Untouched of the commercial intervention and environmental deterioration, Diu is an out and out fun place to be at. It has different types of the tourist attractions too of which holy places in Diu shine brighter and pull major tourist attention. The most famous of the religious places is St Paul’s Church in Diu.

Diu St Paul’s Church is said to be the only active church in the region till date. It boasts of intricate volutes and shell that form an impressive motif. Its richly done wood carving which has earned a special recognition among the most elaborate Portuguese churches is the real feast for eyes. On a close look at this church you will find that it has resemblance with Bom Jesus Church at Goa on the virtue of architectural patterns.

History of St Paul’s Church, Diu

St Paul’s Church in Diu is around 400 year old church. It was constructed in the year 1691. It is dedicated to our Lady of Immaculate Conception.

Description of St Paul’s Church, Diu

Diu St Paul’s Church is considered to be the only church in operation in Diu till date. This 400 year old church shares close similarity with the Bom Jesus Church at Goa. Boasting a Gothic architectural style, this church is the biggest Portuguese Catholic church on the island. Its intriguing volutes and shell like motifs are the sight to behold. This apart, you will also be mesmerized by seeing the lavish wood carving. In fact glancing through this exquisite work you will realize why this is touted to be the most elaborate of all the Portuguese churches in India.

On a visit to St Paul’s Church in Diu you will be enthralled seeing the rich wood paneling which has earned this church a special place in church craftsmanship. Everything about this church is very magnificent the motifs formed of volutes and shell and Gothic features.


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