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St Thomas Church Diu

Diu is not only renowned for its exotic beaches. Even the Holy Places in Diu are worth a visit. These places are architectural wonders that would enthrall the tourists for sure. Among the various Holy Places in Diu, the one that catches the attention of many tourists is the St Thomas Church in Diu. This church is a rare instance of the sublimity of art that really catches the attention of every art connoisseur. So, this tourist attraction should not be missed out at any cost.

History of St Thomas Church, Diu

St Thomas Church in Diu is an old church. However, no official documents are found till date to establish its true origin.

Description of St Thomas Church, Diu

St Thomas Church is now transformed into a museum. It houses various items that consist of wonderful kitsch Catholic wood carving. A majority of these are generally taken from the abandoned churches, located around the island. One of the most striking of these is a life-size carving of Christ in the Sepulchre. A lot of people including the tourists come to this place and make donations also. The peaceful and amiable ambience of this church completely overwhelms the tourists and offers them an unmatched blissful experience.


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