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Museums in Diu

Travel to Diu is one of the most exciting experiences for the tourists who want to spend their holidays here. Diu has remained on the chart of unknown travel destinations for long. However, in the recent years, it has grown popular due to the initiatives of the tourism department. Amongst the Tourist Attractions in Diu, the Museums in Diu have a place of their own. There are many things to watch at these Diu museums. If some one wants to explore the history of Diu, then Museums in Diu are the best option. Museums in Diu house various facts regarding the history, culture and the heritage of this place.

The art, culture and history of Diu can be best understood by visiting the museums and galleries in Diu. The museums in Diu house a lot of interesting antique pieces such as wooden carvings, statues and various other artifacts. The Museums in Diu also offer a lot of information regarding the way of living of the erstwhile local people.

The Diu museum, Diu is a notable name amongst the Diu museums. It is a repository of various interesting stone inscriptions of the ancient rulers, idol shadow-clocks and several ancient artifacts. All these items that are displayed in the museum take us into the historic era. As Diu was under the rule of the Portuguese, one will come across a lot of artifacts and historical evidences which belongs to that era.

From the Museums in Diu, you can know a lot about the history and culture of this place. These museums would take you back in time so that you may witness the changes and transformations that this place underwent from Portuguese rule to the British period.

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