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Diu Museum

Apart from the lovely beaches of Diu, tourists can also visit the Museums in Diu. These museums play host to a lot of interesting things, facts and evidences that correlate the past episodes with the present day. Amongst the museums in Diu, a notable name is that of Diu Museum, Diu. Diu Museum in Diu takes us back into the historic era when it was under the rule of the Portuguese.

History of Diu Museum, Diu

The history of Diu Museum in Diu states that this was an old St. Thomas Church which was transformed later into a museum to house several artifacts and antique pieces.

Description of Diu Museum, Diu

This former St. Thomas Church, now transformed into a museum, houses a lot of important antique statues, inscriptions on the stone by the ancient rulers, magnificent wooden carvings, idols, shadow-clocks and various other vital artifacts. A majority of these have been collected from the excavations from different sites and exhibited for the general public. These artifacts and the antique items reveal the past scenario of Diu when it was under the rule of the Portuguese.

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