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Lighthouse in Dwarka

Besides its several temples, Dwarka is also famous for the Forts and Monuments in Dwarka. The splendid architectural designs of these structures is a real visual treat. A notable name in the register of Forts and Monuments in Dwarka is Lighthouse in Dwarka.

History of Lighthouse, Dwarka

A port was established in the early 19th century at Rupen creek. A flag mast was posted at the port to lift a lamp. This flag mast served the function of a lighthouse. In the year 1866, a square tower of stone, 18m in height, was built at the present site. An oil wick lamp was subsequently installed on the tower.

On 29th November 1877, the then Governor of Bombay Sir Richard Temple visited Dwarka by sea route. He came to the Dwarka Lighthouse and found the light to be grossly insufficient. As a result, a PV equipment with 4th order revolving optic, sourced from M/s. Chance Bros., England, substituted the wick lamp in the year of 1881. Minor modifications were also done to this Lighthouse in Dwarka in 1900.

In February 1927, LH specialist, D. Alen Stevenson, visited the Lighthouse in Dwarka and appreciated its maintenance. During 1960-62, a new square masonry Tower, 43m in height was erected and electrical equipments sourced from Birmingham's M/s. Stone Chance was installed over it. At that time, even a latest storm warning signal mast was installed at the station. Mr. Raj Bahadur, who was the Minister for Transport, Government of India at that time, inaugurated the new lighthouse on 15th July, 1962. An RCC Baffle wall was constructed for the installation of sound horns equipments and vibrators supplied by M/s BBT of Paris to work as fog signals. 15th April, 1964 was the date when it was commissioned. This fog signal service was stopped in 1988.

Lighthouse, Dwarka, Gujarat, India got a Racon of Marconi origin on 11th May 1978. The substitution of incandescent lamp by MH lamp as well as the direct drive by a stepper motor was done on 5th April 1996. Thus, Lighthouse in Dwarka boasts of a chequered history.

Description of Lighthouse, Dwarka

Lighthouse in Dwarka is quite popular as a tourist destination. It remains open to public between the period of 16:30 and 18:00 hours. This lighthouse presents an excellent panoramic sight of the setting sun which ushers the nightfall.

So, if you want to experience the scenic view offered by this place, rush to make a visit to the Lighthouse, Dwarka.

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