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Lighthouse in Dwarka

Besides its several temples, Dwarka is famous for its forts and monuments. The Lighthouse is one of the incredible structures on the west coast of the Arabian Sea near Bhadkeshwar Temple. It is 43 meters high and was inaugurated in 1962 on 15 July. The splendid architectural designs of these structures are a real visual treat. The Lighthouse in Dwarka is quite renowned as a tourist destination. It presents an excellent panoramic view of the setting sun that ushers in the nightfall. So, if you want to experience the scenic view offered by this place, visit the Lighthouse, Dwarka.

History of Lighthouse

A port was established at Rupen Creek in the early 19th century. A flag mast was posted at the port to lift a lamp. This flag mast served the function of a lighthouse. In 1866, a square tower of stone, 18m in height, was built at the present site. An oil wick lamp was subsequently installed on the Tower.

In February 1927, LH specialist D. Alen Stevenson visited the Lighthouse in Dwarka and appreciated its maintenance. 1960-62, a new square masonry Tower, 43m in height, was erected, and electrical equipment was sourced from Birmingham's M/s. Stone Chance was installed over it. At that time, even the latest storm warning signal mast was installed at the station. At that time, Mr. Raj Bahadur, the Minister for Transport, 

The government of India inaugurated the new Lighthouse on 15 July 1962. An RCC Baffle wall was constructed to install sound horn equipment and vibrators supplied by M/s BBT of Paris to work as fog signals. 15 April 1964 was the date when it was commissioned. This fog signal service was stopped in 1988.

Lighthouse, Dwarka, Gujarat, India, got a Racon of Marconi origin on 11 May 1978. The substitution of incandescent lamps for MH lamps and the direct drive by a stepper motor was done on April 5, 1996. Thus, the Lighthouse in Dwarka boasts of a checkered history.

Architecture of Lighthouse, Dwarka

The overall structure of the Lighthouse reflects British colonial and Indian influences. It has an octagonal base of Black Basalt stone and is a rising cylindrical shape. Moreover, the red sandstone and white painted section make it visually striking. On top of this structure, you will see a gallery where you can spot the panoramic view. To reach the top, you will have to climb 193 steps. 

Best Time to Visit Lighthouse

This structure welcomes tourists throughout the year. However, the ideal time to visit this Lighthouse is between October and March, as the mild weather conditions let you enjoy the sightseeing at its best. Plan your visit carefully as it opens only for 2 hours in the evening.

Timing of LightHouse: 4:00 pm to:6:00 pm

Entry fee of Lighthouse: There is no entry fee to visit LightHouse.

How to Reach Lighthouse

Lighthouse is located 2 km from the Dwarka city center and can be reached by various modes of transportation. Auto-rickshaws, cabs, and private taxis are ideal modes that you can take to get there.


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