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Sabha Mandapa in Dwarka

Besides its beautiful temples, Dwarka is also celebrated for the Forts and Monuments in Dwarka. The impressive architectural designs showcased by these structures is a genuine visual treat. A prominent name in the register of Forts and Monuments in Dwarka is Sabha Mandapa in Dwarka.

History of Sabha Mandapa

Sabha Mandapa, Dwarka, Gujarat, India is a part of the famous Dwarkadhish temple. This Dwarka Sabha Mandapa dates back to the 12th century.

Description of Sabha Mandapa

A highlight of Dwarkadish temple is its multi-pillared Sabha Mandapa. This beautiful Sabha Mandapa would lead you to a 60 pillared sanctum which has some scriptures that are about 2500 years old. Devotees generally enter the Sabha Mandapa after paying their respect to the deity of Mother Devaki which is erected just opposite the Dwarkadish temple.

The middle part of the stunning Sabha Mandapa houses a small temple of Balramji, which is positioned at a lower level. This temple also houses the idol of Shri Mahaprabhuji. The people behind the construction of the Dwarkadish temple have shown their knowledge and proficiency by placing the deity of elder brother Balramji in the Sabha Mandapa and deity of Mother Devaki facing the Lord Dwarkadhish temple.

The sanctum of Sabha Mandapa in Dwarka and the Dwarkadhish temple itself is so outstanding that one would not think of moving ahead. At this place, you can also enjoy the natural beauty of the surroundings through jharokhas of the temple.

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