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Holy Places in Dwarka

Dwarka has got its name from the Hindi word 'dwar'. This word is synonymous to door in English. The name of Dwarka is quite justified as it offers an entry point to the country's western regions. As Dwarka is famous as a pious city, the Holy Places in Dwarka are a big draw amongst the tourists. People from every nook and corner of the world come here to make a trip to the Holy Places in Dwarka, India.

When you decide to tour the Dwarka Holy Places, the Temples in Dwarka would figure prominently on your tour itinerary. Dwarkanath Temple, Dwarka constructed of limestone and sand, is a big attraction for the tourists. The outside of this splendid temple is supported by 60 beautiful columns. You would also find a soaring, richly carved spire at the exterior of this temple. A flag hoisted everyday at the temple tower flutters beautifully in the air, as if welcoming the pilgrims and tourists alike.

Rukmini Temple, Dwarka is another place amongst the Holy Places in Dwarka that is famous as an architectural masterpiece. The walls of this temple are decorated with eye-catching paintings. These paintings portray her pastimes with Krishna. This temple showcases beautiful carvings, predominantly on its 'Sabha Mandapa' pillars.

Nageshwar Mandir, Dwarka which is devoted to Lord Shiva is also a leading name in the list of the Temples in Dwarka. As an underground compartment of this temple plays home to one of the 12 Jyotirlingas, people from far and wide come here to seek divine blessings. The gigantic statue of Lord Shiva outside the temple presents an awe-inspiring sight for the tourists.

So, without any more delay, make the requisite arrangements to pay a visit to the Holy Places in Dwarka.

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