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Rukmini Temple in Dwarka

Dwarka serves as the doorway to India's western parts. The word 'dwar' which means door, has given this place its name. Amongst the Holy Places in Dwarka, a popular name is that of Rukmini Temple, Dwarka. This small temple, positioned 1.5 kms to the north of the city, is an architectural masterwork. Rukmini Temple in Dwarka is devoted to Rukmini, the most important amongst Krishna's 16,108 wives.

History of Rukmini Temple

Rukmini Temple, Dwarka, India dates back to the 12th century. There is a story behind this temple. One day, Durvasa Muni, who was easily angered, was invited to dinner by Krishna and his wife, Rukmini. Etiquette dictates that when a person is invited to dinner, the host should refrain from eating until the guest has been satisfied. However, while Durvasa was eating, Rukmini became thirsty.

She asked Krishna to help her. Krishna, to bail out his wife, put his foot in the ground. As a result, the Ganges waters streamed forth from the ground while Durvasa was not looking. As luck would have it, while Rukmini was drinking the water, Durvasa turned that way and saw her drinking without seeking his permission. This made him angry. He cursed her to live apart from Lord Krishna. That is the reason why Krishna's temple is in the city and hers is positioned outside the city.

Description of Rukmini Temple

Rukmini Temple, Dwarka, India draws many from far and wide. People who come here are spellbound by the sheer magic of this architectural masterpiece. The walls of Rukmini Temple in Dwarka are decorated with attractive paintings. These paintings depict her pastimes with Krishna. This temple has beautiful carvings, particularly on the pillars of the 'Sabha Mandapa'.

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