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Gardens in Faizabad

Faizabad is a district in Uttar Pradesh, which in spite of being of utmost historical importance, has not gained the popularity that it actually deserves. Located in proximity (about 6 kilometers) to the legendary city of Ayodhya, Faizabad itself has a lot to offer its visitors.

Faizabad is bordered by two of the tributaries of the Ghagra River. Among the wide array of Tourist Attractions in Faizabad, the one that you would certainly find uniquely linked with this small town is the Gardens in Faizabad.

Gardens in Faizabad, India are not essentially independent entities in themselves. They are often a part of the Museums in Faizabad or Monuments in Faizabad. The value of these places of interests get appreciated considerably by the tourists, who in addition to interesting informations, also get the opportunity to enjoy the glory of nature.

The Faizabad Gardens are also easily accessible from other important Cities in Uttar Pradesh. It is because Faizabad is situated 125 kilometers away from Lucknow, which is the State Capital of Uttar Pradesh. There are ample means of transport facilities that one can avail to reach Faizabad and witness the beauty of the Gardens of Faizabad.

One of the Gardens in Faizabad that is worth paying a visit is the Panchamukhi Garden, which you would come across on the route to the Ram-Sita Temple at Guptar Ghat on the River Ghagra. Sravasti Garden is another pleasing sight in the vicinity of Faizabad. According to a popular belief, Sravasti, the capital of the ancient kingdom of Kosala, is said to have provided shelter to Lord Buddha for 24 years in the Gardens of Jetvana.

However, the garden which is the admired the most in Faizabad is the Gulab Bari. It is a garden of roses that surrounds the Makbara or the tomb of Nawab Sujah-ud-Daula. On visualizing the serenity of the place, one would certainly feel relaxed. The tranquility of the surroundings soothes the heaviest of minds.


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