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Holy Places in Faizabad

Faizabad, a town in Uttar Pradesh belonging to the district having the same name, is located close to the historic kingdom of Ayodhya by a mere margin of 6 kilometers, which according to the epic Ramayana, is the birthplace of Lord Rama. This is clearly from the perspective of the Hindus (the followers of Hinduism).

On the other hand, Faizabad is also one of the Cities in Uttar Pradesh, which is heavily visited by the Muslims (followers of Islam). This has again been due to the location of Faizabad, in the province of Awadh (or Oudh). This was the place known for its strong cultural influences and lavish lifestyles of the Nawabs of Uttar Pradesh, who were possessed their throne for a considerable period to time even during the British Rule in India.

Such strong historic linkages of both religions have rendered additional value to Faizabad. The city has a lot to show as evidences to its tourists who visit the place irrespective of their religious background. These places have eventually been transformed into the ‘Holy Places in Faizabad’.

Faizabad is also bordered by two of the tributaries of the Ghagra River, which itself is a tributary of the Holy Ganga. Among the wide array of Tourist Attractions in Faizabad, the one that you would certainly find uniquely linked with this small town is the Holy Places in Faizabad, India.


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