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Raja Mandir

Raja Mandir, Faizabad

Despite being a small town, Faizabad is rich in historical significance. Faizabad is located 6 kilometers to the east of Ayodhya, which was the birthplace of Lord Rama.

In the medieval times as well as during the Rule of the British in India, Faizabad belonged to the Province of Oudh or Awadh ruled by the Nawabs.

Hence there is a clear fusion of cultures in Faizabad which has further raised the value of Faizabad among other Cities in Uttar Pradesh. There is a number of Tourist Attractions in Faizabad among which, the most striking are the Holy Places in Faizabad. Raja Mandir in Faizabad, India is one such place of tourist interest.

History of Raja Mandir, Faizabad

Situated in the vicinity of the historic kingdom of Ayodhya, which has been the place around which the Ramayana has revolved, the Raja Mandir has shown strong influences of the legendary epic.

Over the years, a number of mythological stories have been associated with Raja Mandir in Faizabad, India.

Description of Raja Mandir, Faizabad

The Raja Mandir, Faizabad is located in Guptar Ghat, which stands on the bank of the River Ghagra, a tributary of the Holy Ganges. The temple has the idols of many Deities of the Hindus. These idols exhibit the exquisite works of art that reflect the brilliance of artists of those days.

The Raja Mandir, Faizabad can be easily reached from Lucknow (the capital of the state of Uttar Pradesh), which is separated from the latter by a distance of 125 kilometers. One can also avail a rickshaw from the bus stand of Faizabad and reach the Raja Mandir.

Thus, Faizabad Raja Mandir is one of the greatest Temples in Faizabad.


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