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Museums in Faizabad

Faizabad is a district of Uttar Pradesh, which has its headquarters, bearing the same name. Although not as well known as a place of interest, as compared to that of the other Cities in Uttar Pradesh, yet Faizabad has enough in it to make it an interesting place of visit.

Situated 125 kilometers away from Lucknow, which is the State Capital of Uttar Pradesh, Faizabad is also located 6 kilometers to the east of the legendary city of Ayodhya.

Hence according to the tourists, Museums are just what they want in a place like Faizabad where all the quests of the past are answered instantly.

Earlier, Faizabad used to be known as a district dominated by agriculture. However, with the passage of time, the local inhabitants as well as the tourists started discovering the potential in Faizabad to become one of the significant Tourist Destinations in Uttar Pradesh.

In this way, Faizabad began to develop with respect to its tourism. Today, Tourist Attractions in Faizabad is varied consisting of monuments, museums, gardens as well as holy places. Among these, a special mention needs to be made of the Museums in Faizabad.

The most significant feature of Museums of Faizabad that makes the place heavily accessed by tourists throughout the year is that the Faizabad Museums give provide you informations not only on history, but also on other fields of study. Moreover, a few museums display the artifacts in the open which adds to the attraction of visiting them.

The apt location of Faizabad also provides easily accessibility for tourists, which has further raised the popularity of the place among tourists not only of India but also of various parts of the world.


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