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Botany Museum

The Botany Museum in Faizabad, India, is one of the Museums in Faizabad, which have compelled the inclusion of the small town in Uttar Pradesh, into Uttar Pradesh Travel Guide. The Faizabad Botany Museum is a part of KS Saket Mahavidyalay in Faizabad.

Being based on the picturesque town of Faizabad, which is known for its illustrious history, a museum of Botany, is somewhat an unusual place that you might imagine to come across. But on visiting the place you will be refreshed on viewing the things that you expected the least in this part of the world.  


Being under the strict supervision of KS Saket Mahavidyalay, Botany Museum, Faizabad has an elaborate display of most specimens that are related to directly or indirectly to botanical sciences. The specimens of microscopic organisms like algae, fungi and other species that belong especially to the Phylum – Pteridophyta, are displayed under powerful electron microscopes.

Hence, the Botany Museum, Faizabad gives you the opportunity to witness all those things that you never had the opportunity to witness before. Since it was established, Botany Museum, Faizabad has welcomed numerous tourists, who have paid an exclusive visit to this amazing place.

The Botanical Museum in Faizabad is open for the public from 10 in the morning to 5 in the evening. Hence visiting it even from any of the surrounding Cities in Uttar Pradesh is not at all a problem. Besides, it is only 125 kilometers from Lucknow, which is the state capital of Uttar Pradesh. The Botany Museum, Faizabad remains fully closed on Sundays and on other holidays specified by the Government of India and the State Government of Uttar Pradesh.

Another important factor which draws tourists in large numbers to Botany Museum, Faizabad is that the museum does not charge any money as ‘entry fee’.


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