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Geography Museum

The Geography Museum in Faizabad, India, is located in the small and beautiful town of Faizabad in the state of Uttar Pradesh. The Geography Museum, Faizabad belongs to the renowned educational institution of this part of the world, by the name of KS Saket Mahavidyalay.

KS Saket Mahavidyalay has also established museums on other fields of study like Botany. The most distinguishing feature of these museums is that unlike other museums, that primarily provide essential knowledge on history, Museums in Faizabad provide fascinating informations essentially on subjects other than history.


Geography Museum, Faizabad, exhibits various evidences which prove all that so far, we have only read in our Geography books. These articles include that have been meticulously displayed in Faizabad Geography Museum include a variety of specimens of rocks and minerals. Seeing them in front of the eyes is an amazing experience, which cannot be described in words.

A special mention also needs to be made of the sands from Kanyakumari, the peculiarity of which would certainly astonish you. Adequate informations are provided alongside each of the above articles, which make them easily understandable.

Another extraordinary aspect of Geography Museum, Faizabad is that you would get to see all the exhibits that have been mentioned and many more once you go there, absolutely ‘free of charge’.

The Geography Museum, Faizabad is open for its visitors from 10 in the morning to 5 in the evening. So visiting the Faizabad Geography Museum is easily accessible from surrounding Cities in Uttar Pradesh and even from the state capital, Lucknow, which is only 125 kilometers away from Faizabad. The Geography Museum, Faizabad remains closed on Sundays and other official holidays that have been declared so by the Government of India or the State Government of Uttar Pradesh.


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