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Monuments in Fatehpur Sikri

Standing as a mute witness to an era gone by, of wars and romances, of the stories of chivalry and loyalty, of gracious courtiers, grand princes and beautiful princesses, a trip to Fatehpur Sikri in Uttar Pradesh in India offers glimpses of some of the most charming phases in the History of Fatehpur Sikri. The clean cut lines of the architectural pattern of a Hindu palace of the Mughal era greet your eyes, the moment you step in for Tours to Fatehpur Sikri. The architectural pattern of the Fatehpur Sikri as revealed by the Monuments in Fatehpur Sikri is technically influenced more by Hindu architecture than it is by the architectural styles as followed by the Mughals.

Though differing in architecture from the other Mughal artifacts, the planning of the Fatehpur Sikri, however, follows the pattern of Mughal palaces and forts. The main complex can be divided into three cleanly classified areas which are:

  • The Public Area
  • The Mardana or the Men’s Area
  • The Zenana or the Area Which Is Restricted For the Use of the Women of the Fort

Built as an act of homage to the memory of the great Sufi saint, Sheikh Salim Chisti, who, it is said, blessed the emperor with an heir to the Mughal throne in India, who was to be later known as Jahangir, almost the entirety of the complex of Fatehpur Sikri is dotted with a number of holy monuments and places, all of which are even today visited by the faithful, while on a visit to Fatehpur Sikri.

One of the most important characteristics of the architectural pattern of the Fatehpur Sikri is the fact that an overall effect of space has been created in the complex, a trait which has been brought about by the organization of tangible forms built in an interesting combination. Another important trait is the transfer of axis from areas of prominence which move in as we mover around the city. Almost the entirety of the city is resplendent in the various squares that have been built after keeping an important building or land mark as the center of the square.

Important influences that can be marked in the architectural styles used in the Fatehpur Sikri are those of the provinces of Bengal and Gujarat, mainly because most of the workmen and architects of the period hailed from these provinces.


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