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Forts and Monuments in Gandhinagar

The forts and monuments in Gandhinagar stand as edifices which portrays architectural brilliance. The forts and monuments at Gandhinagar are major tourist attractions in Gandhinagar. Many tourists come to Gandhinagar to visit the forts and monuments of Gandhinagar as they bear great cultural and historical significance. Gandhinagar in Gujarat has evolved as an important historical and political center and the forts and monuments of the place remains stands as a proof of the historical aura that the place bore. The historical background of a place is defined to a certain extent by the forts and the monuments present in a place.

Tourists who are on a Tour to Gujarat must also plan a Tour to Gandhinagar to get the view of the monuments that holds the brilliant architectural quality and designs. Tour to Gandhinagar remains incomplete without a visit to the monuments of Gandhinagar. Some major forts and monuments of Gandhinagar are the Capital Complex and the Gandhi Ashram, Gandhinagar.

Capital Complex in Gandhinagar is a major Tourist Attraction in Gandhinagar in Gujarat and is as important as a monument or a fort that defines the historical prominence of a place. The elegant and the magnificence of the building speak of modernity clubbed with architectural brilliance and technical expertise. This building is located in the Sector 10 of Gandhinagar city. This building houses the government and the legislative offices of Gujarat. A building with a dome erected on a podium in the middle of the lake is known as the Vithalbhai Patel Bhavan which houses the Vidhan Sabha and the legislature office.

On the two sides of the Vithalbhai Patel Bhavan are other two buildings which are magnificently built and are linked by hanging corridors. The two buildings are called the Sardar Bhavan and the Narmada Bhavan. The SardarBhavan houses the several departments of State Secretariat and the offices of the Department Heads are placed in the Narmada Bhawan.

The Forts and Monuments in Gandhinagar in Gujarat are the spots which still hold the historical lineage of the state in its true form. The Forts and the Monuments at Gandhinagar in Gujarat in India are the places from where the tourists get a better insight of the historical importance and scenario of the place. The forts and the monuments in Gujarat are of great help to the research scholars and the students as they give an idea of the history and politics of the place from an early era to the present day.


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