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Gardens in Gandhinagar

The Gardens in Gandhinagar are some of the important Tourist Attraction in Gandhinagar in Gujarat. The Gardens of Gandhinagar adds beauty to the city. The city of Gandhinagar is planned in such a way that the city has enough spaces left for gardens and parks to come up. The city has been planned to accommodate many gardens and parks that stands as places where people can go and spend a nice time with their friends and families.

The city is divided into thirty sectors and every street of the city is lined with a number of trees. There is a special department under the state government which looks after the maintenance and building of parks in the city. Data shows that there are 100 acres of garden laid out all over the city. Apart from the area that has been taken to make gardens and parks, 20 acres of land is dedicated to build nurseries. The department also looks after the design and the layout of the gardens and the parks in the city. To maintain the ecological balance of the city, plans have been carried out to build gardens in each sector.

The Gardens in Gandhinagar in Gujarat in India are also provided with play equipment where children can come and play and can enjoy themselves. The pleasant atmosphere and the greenery all around attract people of all ages.

The Gardens of Gandhinagar in Gujarat in India are laid out as per the space available in the different sectors. Sector no. 28 of Gandhinagar in Gujarat in India had a mango grove; another garden on a land area of 20 acres has been laid out in the same sector. In the sector no. 21, the garden has been made in such a way that there is a space also left as a play fields.

The Gardens at Gandhinagar looks beautiful because of the various types of flower plants that have been planted. While the season flowers are in full bloom the gardens in Gandhinagar looks more beautiful and attractive. The flower plants and all other trees in the gardens of Gandhinagar are well kept and maintained. There are gardeners appointed who looks after the garden. The pollution level of the city does not exceed certain limits as the gardens balances the ecology to a fair extent.

The two gardens of Gandhinagar in Gujarat in India are the Sarita Udyan and the Children's Park. The gardens are also used by the public as favorable picnic spots. The recreational facilities provided to the visitors make the gardens in Gandhinagar more interesting. The Gardens in Gandhinagar in Gujarat in India are planned in a way so that they can accommodate a fair number of people at a time.


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