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Sarita Udhyan in Gandhinagar

Gandhinagar is often referred to as the green city. The numerous parks and gardens in the city makes the city looks more beautiful. Gandhinagar attracts tourists because of its amazing location beside the Sabarmati River. The river by the city and the greenery all over the city gives Gandhinagar a unique identity of its own. Among the most famous gardens in Gandhinagar, Sarita Udyan, Gandhinagar is one.

The Sarita Udyan, Gandhinagar is situated in the sector no. 9 in Gandhinagar. Sarita Udyan, the name itself signifies the name of a garden. Sarita Udyan in Gandhinagar is located on the bank of river Sabarmati. The beautiful flower trees, the atmosphere of the garden is a sure attraction for all the visitors coming to the garden.

Sarita Udyan is also a favorite picnic spot among the residents of Gandhinagar. People flock in large numbers with their friends and families and enjoy doing picnic in the Sarita Udyan in Gandhinagar. The location on the undulating land beside the river Sabarmati gives Sarita Udyan of Gandhinagar an added prominence. The Sarita Udyan at Gandhinagar in Gujarat in India is also full of recreational and entertainment facilities. This feature of the Sarita Udyan attracts people of all ages and all round the year.

The added attraction of Sarita Udyan at Gandhinagar in Gujarat in India is the deer park which is situated near by. The Deer Park is also one of the most visited parks in Gandhinagar. The deer and the vast area attract tourists for the undisturbed and quiet atmosphere of the place.

The Sarita Udyan in Gandhinagar in Gujarat in India is well kept and maintained. There are gardeners appointed who take proper care of the trees planted and special persons are there to take proper care of the garden. Sarita Udyan looks beautiful and more attractive with the flowers in their full bloom during the season.

Many people go for a walk or an evening stroll, as the place is quite attractive and the serenity and tranquility of the Sarita Udyan in Gandhinagar gives an appropriate atmosphere to relax and sit with friends and families and enjoy a nice time.

As Sarita Udyan at Gandhinagar is situated at a central location in the city, one can easily reach Sarita Udyan from any parts of the city by hiring a local mode of transport.

Gandhinagar can be easily reached by trains and buses from any parts of Gujarat. Gandhinagar is also well connected by trains and flights from other parts of India. Gandhinagar has to offer a lot to the tourists visiting the city. Tourists coming on a Tour to Gandhinagar must visit Sarita Udyan as it is a famous Tourist Attraction in Gandhinagar and also a prominent Garden in Gandhinagar among many other gardens that are present in Gandhinagar.


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