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Hanumanji Temple

Hanumanji Temple, Gandhinagar is a famous Tourist Attraction in Gandhinagar and a Holy Place in Gandhinagar in Gujarat.

Lord Hanuman is considered as one of the most important character who bears the highest moral as per the spiritual belief in India. Hanuman acquired fame by providing invaluable service to Lord Rama. Lord Hanuman is regarded as an archetype of devotion, loyalty, sacrifice and bravery. Lord Hanuman is worshipped all through the country with great respect and zeal.

Hanumanji Temple in Gandhinagar is visited by thousands of devotee everyday. The idol of Lord Hanuman in the Hanumanji Temple of Gandhinagar is seen bearing a mountain on his shoulder. The idol is saffron in color. As per the Indian mythologies and tradition it is said that regular visitors to the temple gains special favor of Lord Hanuman. The temple is visited by thousands of visitors every Tuesday and Saturday. As per the Vedas, Hanuman protects human beings from the wrath of the planet Saturn. People as per the astrology if has the position of Saturn ill placed in their horoscope should specially visit the Hanumanji Temple.

Hanumanji temple at Gandhinagar in Gujarat in India is situated at a convenient location. It can be easily reached by any local modes of transport. The Hanumanji Temple, Gandhinagar is well connected to every parts of the city.

Gandhinagar in Gujarat is a famous city and is visited by the large number of tourists every year for the interesting tourists spot situated there. Gandhinagar has a lot to offer to the tourists visiting the city with its rich history and culture. Gandhinagar has a prominent identity in the history and political arena of the country because of the fact that Mahatma Gandhi lived here during his life time. Gandhinagar can be easily reached by trains and buses from any parts of Gujarat and can be reached by train from any parts of India.

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