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Enchey Monastery in Gangtok

Located close to Gangtok, Enchey Monastery is a notable name among the spiritual circles. One of the most famous tourist attractions in Gangtok, Enchey Monastery in Sikkim is an essential seat of the Nyingmapa order of the Vajrayana school of Buddhism. Surrounded by tall pine trees, the iconic monastery is a two-storeyed building boasting shells regarded as auspicious Buddhist symbols and several murals representing the protective deity and wheel of law on the porch. The impressive monastery is home to around 90 monks.

The land on which the monastery is put up is believed to be blessed by respected tantric master Druptob Karpo. It is said that the master had flying powers - he flew from Maenam hill to this place and built a small hermitage. Buddha, Loki Sharia, and Guru Padmasambhava are the three gods worshipped in the monastery.

Further, you can also participate in the yearly festival, which is celebrated on the 18th to 19th day of the 12th month, according to the Tibetan calendar in January. The festival is celebrated with great enthusiasm, and people here enjoy the monk dance, Thamar Chaam. You can visit this monastery to experience the serenity and absorb spirituality by booking Sikkim tour packages. Contact Indian Holiday for the best travel packages.

Best time to visit Enchey Monastery

The months between March to June and September to October are considered the best time to tour Sikkim when you can visit the monastery on your tour.

  • Timings: 9 am to 6 pm.

You can also attend the Detor Cham festival, organized every year in September and October. During the festival, you can enjoy the iconic Monks Cham Dance. And an important thing to keep in mind is that since Enchey Monastery is situated at a high altitude, it becomes difficult to reach when there is heavy rainfall.

How to reach Enchey Monastery

Situated on the Nathula-Gangtok road, the monastery can easily arrive via road. You can also hire a cab from Gangtok and reach the monastery in 15 to 20 minutes or even walk all the way there, enjoying the nearby sights.

Enchey Monastery rules & tips

  • Below are some of the tips you should follow before visiting Enchey Monastery.
  • Seek permission from monastery officials before taking photographs and
  • Avoid any activity that disturbs the monastery’s sanctity, including talking loudly.
  • Visitors are asked not to litter or carry food items inside the monastery.

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