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Bungee Jumping in Goa

Imagine yourself attached with a cord, leaping from a soaring height to your ankle. You steep off into the air for a surreal experience, then fall with the wind rushing past you! Imagine you enjoying the jerks and a couple of bounces in the air. All it takes is just one jump, and that's it! Your life would be changed forever.

You guessed it right - we are talking about bungee jumping. There is something about this adventure sport as it provokes you to feel your stomach having stuck in your throat, due to this reason. More and more people want to try bungee jumping.

If you check out the best bungee jumping destinations, New Zealand, Australia, China, Mexico, etc., rank the best. But what if you are living in India and don’t want to splash the cash for this adrenaline-fueling activity and plan to go foreign destination? You don’t need to fret upon it as Goa in India got you covered with bungee jumping.

Apart from its tangled palm trees touching the skies, golden sand beaches, and relaxing atmosphere, Goa is now well known for providing Bungee Jumping options. There are ample spots for bungee jumping in Goa where tourists can jump from insane heights to taste the adrenaline in their nerves.

Here is Everything You Should Know About Bungee Jumping in Goa

Is Bungee Jumping Safe in Goa?

Yes. Bungee jumping in Goa is an absolutely safe outdoor adventure sport. All the places in Goa where bungee jumping is done constitute highly trained and certified bungee jumping professionals. All of them follow the safety standards of STANZ (Standard of Australia and New Zealand) guidelines. You don’t need to panic as Goa is the safest bungee jumping place in India like Rishikesh. You should not hesitate to try this adventure on your Goa holidays.

How Old I Have to Be For Bungee Jumping in Goa?

You might not get permission for bungee jumping in Goa if your age is below 10-12 years (approx.). There are 1-2 bungee jumping spots in Goa where minors younger than 18 years need to submit the no-objection certificate remarked by their parents to make the jump. However, rules for minors may vary from operator to jumping spots.

How Much Can I Weigh To Go Bungee Jumping in Goa?

Your weight range for bungee jumping in Goa should be a minimum of 35 kg and a maximum of 150 kg (approx.). At some spots, instructors and certified experts might not allow you to try this adventure sport if your weight is more than 110 kg (approx.).

What is The Best Time of Bungee Jumping in Goa?

Except for the monsoon season (July-September), both the winter and summer seasons are suitable to leap from Goa's high place.

What is The Bungee Jumping Dress Code?

From shorts to track pants to jeans to T-Shirts, it is strongly suggested by the certified jumpers to wear anything you are comfortable in. Ladies are advised to tie their hair properly. Both men and women should not carry any electronic device in their pocket or hands.

Who Should Not Go for Bungee Jump in Goa?

Anyone who is suffering from cardiovascular disease should not go with bungee jumping. Especially, pregnant women are strictly not allowed to try these adventure sports. In case you have a recent fracture, high/low blood pressure, neck injuries, asthma, and other similar conditions, you will be prohibited by the instructors to make the jump.

What Equipment Do I Need For Bungee Jumping in Goa?

You don’t need to carry any special sort of equipment with you for bungee jumping in Goa. However, you must wear the appropriate footwear covering your ankle and toes - basically a good pair of shoes. You will be provided with the specially designed braided cord you will be connected to. Also, you will be the body and leg harness connected to the bungee cord. Although, you might need to wear a helmet at some jumping spots for additional safety.

Tightly woven rubber strands constitute Bungee cord. This cord is specially designed for the bungee jumping sports, and it comes with distinct thickness and strengths. It entirely depends upon the instructors or sites for bungee jumping which type of cord they will pick. The use of this cord is to attach with the jumper’s ankle with a solid harness. The certified professionals discard the cord for Bungee Jumping after 500-800 jumps (approx.) to maximize safety.

Harnesses: The jumper will be attached with multiple harnesses around their body while making a jump to ensure extra safety. Thighs, chest, shoulders, and waist are the areas where the jumper needs to wear harnesses.

Tip to be noted: You might not see the harness worn around you at some bungee jumping sites. A few sites connect jumpers with a cord for bungee through the ankles, while a use harness. Fret not because the objective of both equipment pieces is to maximize and ensure safety.

Get to Know About the Best Places For Bungee Jumping in Goa

Along with its sand-sational beaches, iconic heritage sites, breathtaking landscapes, and enthralling parties, Goa will also be forever remembered as the place adventure seekers began tossing themselves off bridges and viaducts. Goa is now the birthplace of Bungee jumping, so it would be an insult to India's party capital if you don’t indulge in a bungee jump. There are many bungee jumping spots in Goa sprawling through North Goa to South Goa. Continue reading to learn about the best places for bungee jumping in Goa.

Jumpin Heights

This bungee jumping place in Goa is one of the best spots for spine-tingling jumps. This spot for bungee jumping is run by ex-Army Officers and is accredited by Tourism of Goa. One needs to visit North Goa as Jumpin Heights is tucked in a charming small village. The whole region for the jump is enveloped with dense forest cover. Thrill-seekers will be jumping over the shimmering Mayem Lake. There are extensively trained jump masters who have got certification and training according to the New Zealand and Australia standards of safety.

Jumpin Heights is transforming the safety standards of bungee jump since its inception in 2010 in the Yoga Capital of India, Rishikesh. Since its inception, they have carried out 80,000 (approx.) jumps in Rishikesh successfully. That is why Jumpin Heights got recognition from the Ministry of Tourism and the Government of India. With the same safety standards mapping with Australia and New Zealand, Jumpin Height has arrived in Goa for the adrenaline lovers.

  • Location: North Goa
  • Min/Max. age: 12 years - 40 years (approx.)
  • Distance from the Goa Airport: 50 km (approx.)
  • Bungee Jump Height: 55 meters
  • Opening and Closing Timings: 9 AM-6 PM
  • Closing Day: Every Tuesday
  • Cost: INR 4100 (approx.) per jump, excluding GST
  • Best Time to Go: Except monsoon season

What is Included with Jump: Video of jump in Pendrive

Gravity Zone

Before you go boozing in North Goa for what it is famous for, take a halt at Gravity Zone. It is the perfect place that gives you the chance to jump from a low height of 25 meters from the ground level. If you haven’t tried bungee jumping yet in your life, the low height jump at Gravity Zone should be on your bucket list - especially if you are traveling with your kids. This another famous spot for bungee jumping in Goa allows thrill-seekers to take a leap with a charming Anjuna Village view. The jumpers have to jump from the towering tower, which is lifted by the crane. Gravity Zone is a famous bungee jumping spot because it remains open throughout the year.

The Gravity Zone crew members create direct coordination with the jumping experts, who are extensively trained and guided by jump masters from New Zealand and Australia. Plus, the crew at Gravity Zone follows and adheres to STANZ. It is the international safety benchmark that promotes adequate safety standards for certified bungee jumping across the world. Tourists will get discounts upto 50% (approx.) on the second bungee jump after taking the first leap on the same day.

  • Location: North Goa
  • Min/Max Age: 14 years - 40 years (approx.)
  • Distance from the Airport: 47 km (approx.)
  • Bungee Jump Height: 25 meters
  • Opening and Closing Timings: 9 AM-6 PM
  • Cost: INR 500 (approx.) per jump, excluding GST
  • Best Time to Go: Throughout the year

Tip to be noted: Bungee jumping videos and photos are not included in this price.

Goa Bungy

Delightful surroundings near the Anjuna Beach is the major draw of this famous bungee jumping place in Goa. Another reason why Goa Bungy spot is popular is a leap from here is all about experiencing water dipping bungee jumping. While making a jump, tourists will be witnessing the splendid beauty of Anjuna Beach followed by its nearby surroundings. If you are looking for a not oh-so-common jumping experience, enhance your moments, and ask the professional video and photography team to click or record your jump from different angles.

Goa Bungy is founded with the consultation of certified bungee jumpers professionals from Columba. The team at Goa Bungy adheres to the standards of STANZ and do everything to make sure tourists get the spine-tingling bungee jumping experience of their life. Plus, the setting of this bungee jumping spot in Goa is amazing as it has an inclined tower to eradicate the risk of accidents. Isn’t it nice to share the feeling of exhilaration or pure fear from the height of 65 meters from the ground?

  • Location: North Goa
  • Min/Max age: 14 years - 40 years (approx.)
  • Distance from the Dabolim Airport: 43 km (approx.)
  • Bungee Jump Height: 61 meters
  • Opening and Closing Timings: 9 AM-6 PM
  • Cost: INR 3750 (approx.) for adults per jump, and INR 2550 (approx.) for children excluding GST
  • Best Time to Go: Throughout the year

Tip to be noted: Be prepared to pay an additional amount to get the videos and the jump photos.

Atlantis Watersports

Thirsty for a new sort of adventure in Goa? Look no further than the Atlantis Watersports. They provide the thrill of bungee jumping from the height of 50 m, 60 m, and 70 m. It is situated in the scenic Calangute Beach and has been operating different adventure sports in Goa since its inception in 1993. Little tourists (age between 14 years-17 years) must come with their parents as the jumpers won’t allow them without signing the parents' consent form.

From certified instructors to highly trained crews, the bungee jumping experts at Atlantis Watersports follow the STANZ guidelines. The prime reason for reserving your bungee jumping with Atlantis Watersports is they provide jumping photos and 4K videos shot from Drone. Tourists don’t need to fret about safety concerns as Atlantis Watersports always ensure tourists' wellbeing and safety first.

  • Location: North Goa
  • Min/Max Age: 10 years - 40 years (approx.)
  • Distance from the Goa Airport: 38 km (approx.)
  • Bungee Jump Height: 50 meters, 60 metres, 70 meters
  • Opening and Closing Timings: 9 AM - 6 PM
  • Cost: INR 3900(approx.) for adults per jump, and INR 1699(approx.) for children excluding GST
  • Best Time to Go: Throughout the year

Tip to be noted: Be prepared to pay an additional amount to get the videos and the jump photos.

What to Do At Bungee Jumping Site: From Pre-Activity to Post Activity And In Between

The jumpers need to go from the pre-activity, during the activity, and post-activity phase. Wondering what will be the experience in each phase? Then, put on your reading glasses and scroll on!

Pre-Activity: You must arrive early, at least 45 minutes before your jumping time. Doing this will give you a great understanding of the surroundings. Plus, when you will watch the people taking the leap of faith (jump) from the bridge with the instructor commanding what to do or not will give you a great understanding for free of cost.

Once your turn comes, you will be weighed by your Bungee Jumping operator. A rope next, the rope would be set up, which you would be using. Once your harness and rope is attached, your instructor will check all the security standards again. Afterward, you will be taking the leap of faith.

During the Activity: Now, this would be your chance to enjoy the sensation of the freefall and challenge gravity for a few seconds.

Post-Activity: Your harness would be detached from the rope, and thus, the harness would be subsequently taken off! The next thing you will be doing is relaxing and reminiscing about the few seconds in the air while making the jump.