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Dinghy Sailing In Goa

When water sports are in question, in India, Goa is the place to be!! The vast coastline, the tender sea and the pleasant weather team up to provide the perfect combination for water sports. The ideal season for enjoying all these sports is between October and May. There are also some water sports institutes in Goa for training up the beginners. The hotels also provide training and equipment for such sports. Although there are various kinds of water sports a much popular one especially among beginners is Dinghy sailing in Goa.

People who are less athletic and sporty and yet feels the urge to plunge into the water should try dinghy sailing in Goa. About 15feet in length, the Dinghy holds three to four people. Dinghy sailing in Goa is as fun as windsurfing yet you need not be agile or youthful to enjoy it. In fact the ride is enjoyable and yet so smooth that it is often referred to as "beer and sandwich sailing".

Where to Enjoy: Dinghies are available for hire for tourists at the Cidade de Goa and the Taj Holiday Village.