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Hot Air Ballooning in Goa

Goa has myriad of enchantments to its name and hot air ballooning is a recent addition. More than often we feel the need to escape to a world of euphoria and here hot air balloon rides works like magic. Add to the thrill of vacations in Goa, your mind doesn’t have to wander a lot. This small state with its handful tourist attractions has the answer to your every mood. What makes it true are the experiences that await you away from the palm shaded beaches.

Hot Air Ballooning is one such adventure that makes your coming down to West India blissful. Just imagine yourself sitting in a basket, floating like a balloon with the cold air rippling through your clothes. A feeling you would really love. Don’t worry the birds aren’t going to envy you, rather they would become your friends. The moment you reach a certain height, you will see a side of Goa no one has ever seen. Except those who are as crazy about hot air balloons like you. Just one hot air balloon ride offers you an eagle’s eye view of coastal beauty of the state.

This experience of feeling the cool breeze gets even more memorable when you are with your loved ones. That being said, it is also a great way to express your love by proposing your significant other or if you are on a honeymoon in Goa. Wait, this joy ride is not only inclined to romantic side. As you can enjoy hot air ballooning in Goa with your family and friends. So why are you waiting? Plan this adventurous yet heartwarming moment on your holiday in Goa.

Quick Tips:

  • Pets aren’t allowed on the ride.
  • Don’t forget to carry your camera.
  • Wear warm clothes and/or carry a shawl as the temperature decreases with altitude.
  • Good sturdy shoes are advised for the ride.
  • Weather can play an important role for the ride schedule.
  • Keep in mind that the hot air balloon can land in a muddy area as well.

Where to go?
Assolda Football Ground, Chandor, South Goa, Goa.

15th October - 15th May.
6:45 AM

Ride Duration
45-60 minutes