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Anjuna Beach Goa

A tranquil atmosphere and calming waters await you at Anjuna Beach. Go, enjoy the water sports like parasailing, jet ski ride, banana boat ride. The Southern end of the Anjuna Beach is the rocky headland, while the Northern end hosts thrilling watersports. One must reach the Northern end of the beach to indulge in watersports at Anjuna Beach. An expert trip leader cum driver, or a local would guide you well about the beach's Northern end. This beach is located in the Anjuna Village South region and just ahead of the Calangute and Baga stretch. Nearby attractions to the Anjuna Beach are Chapora Fort (5 km), Baga Beach (6 km), and Calangute Beach (9 km).

Apart from the water activities, Anjuna Beach is a popular spot of North Goa where Trans parties are held in peak tourist season. Anjuna Beach is touted to be the only hippie beach of Goa which has a very strong influence on Russian and European hippies because they are found on the shoreline of Anjuna. Its Wednesday Flea Market is another reason why locals and international tourists alike visit this beach in North Goa.

Anjuna Beach is a trans lover paradise because of its scintillating nightlife. The beach shacks dotted in and around Anjuna Beach stretch is the ticket to taste good food with good music. Encircling the Anjuna Beach is a top-rated luxury resort, with budget guesthouses for a staycation. The beautiful sunset, pleasant crowd, and jaw-dropping golden sands of Anjuna Beach will make your jaws drop with happiness.

Anjuna Beach is a trans-lover paradise because of its scintillating nightlife. Contemporary to the other beaches of North Goa, Anjuna Beach is the most visited beach of North Goa by foreigners. Thanks to its pristine waters and golden sands. Give our Anjuna Beach guide a read to understand each and every possibility to enjoy a laid-back tropical beach vacation.

Scroll on to find out the best knowledge of Tourism in Anjuna Beach, North Goa:

When is the Best Time to Visit Anjuna Beach?

Winter: Though you can visit Anjuna Beach throughout the year, but the best time to visit Anjuna Beach in North Goa is from October to February when you can enjoy water splashing and water sports simultaneously. Winter marks October till February in Goa, and so does in Anjuna Beach. This is the ideal time for unwinding in a range of watersports along with taking an evening beach stroll. The months from December till January are the peak season to attend rave and full moon parties.

Monsoon: Though you can visit Anjuna Beach in the monsoon also, don’t expect to enjoy the same thrill of water sports as in winter. Monsoon commences in Goa from July to September. Being the coastal town, the Arabian Sea and its shorelines are not considered ideal for watersports. The increased risk of high and strong tides makes July to September the least preferred time to visit Anjuna Beach.

Summer: Well, summer marks its presence in the whole Goa from March till June, and during this time, the scorching sun is the only pain. If you manage to bear the heat of 40 degrees Celsius (approx.), you will find good deals on accommodation in North Goa. Did we mention watersports remain operational at Anjuna Beach in summer, so consider that March to June is the second-best time to visit Anjuna Beach in North Goa?

How to Reach Anjuna Beach from Panjim & Goa International Airport?

From Panjim: The capital town of the sunshine state of Goa, Panjim is situated 22 kilometers/50 minutes (approx.) from Anjuna Beach. One can easily reach Anjuna Village/Beach by taking a bus from the Panjim bus stand. Or opt for the private taxi service, which is a bit expensive mode to reach but best for couples and leisure travelers.

From Goa International Airport: Dabolim Airport is the only domestic/international airport for tourists. It has good connectivity with a few international airlines and the majority of the Indian towns and cities. Once you arrive at the Dabolim Airport, take a prepared taxi or local bus to reach Anjuna Beach/Village. The average travel distance and travel time to reach Anjuna Beach is 48 kilometers/1.2 hours (approx.) from Goa International Airport. It is obvious that a bus ride would cost you less compared to the prepaid taxis.

What Are the Famous Water Sports At Anjuna Beach to Try in North Goa?

Whether its Anjuna Beach or any other beach of North or South Goa, there is no dearth of water activities to unwind in the pristine waters. But when you are in North Goa, especially at Anjuna Beach, having the right list of the famous water sports at Anjuna Beach is sure to help you! Scroll on to browse the water activities to enjoy at Anjuna Beach:

  • Jet Ski Ride: Challenge your adrenaline by trying Jet Ski Ride to move smoothly through the waves of the Arabian Sea.
  • Parasailing: With the mystical rock formations in the backdrops, parasailing at Anjuna Beach is a great idea. Plus, you will get to enjoy the views of the nearby Aguada Fort.
  • Bumpy Banana Ride: Enjoy the ride with your squad or with your family. Bumpy Banana Ride is the best family-friendly watersport in North Goa.
  • Snorkeling: Get to discover the underwater marine world of Anjuna Beach on a snorkeling excursion in a protected environment.

What Are the Best Resorts/Hotels Near Anjuna Beach?

Imagine staying near private beachfront properties or Portuguese theme-based cottages. Anuna Beach has series of luxury hotels/resorts, budget guesthouses to enjoy the best of North Goa with your near or dear ones. A handful of resorts/hotels in Anjuna Beach have sharks attracted to them because of its opposite positioning from the beach. If you have bookmarked Anjuna Beach your base camp for the Goa trip, browse the best resorts and hotels near Anjuna Beach in North Goa:

  • Beach Resort Sun Sea View: Stay in a beautiful cottage opposite the Anjuna Beach at Beach Resort Sun Sea View. Enjoy candlelight dinner and ski diving on the beach to beat the heat. The property features a swimming pool, and its accommodation per person starts at 4,100 INR (approx.).
  • Casa Anjuna Boutique Resort: This is a 3-star property built in erstwhile Portuguese splendor, which will remind you of old Goan days dating back to the 70s-80s. The resort has a shimmering pool, and its accommodation starts at 5,000 INR (approx.) per person.
  • Poonam Village Resort: This is a budget-friendly resort near Anjuna Beach whose accommodation starts at 1,000 INR (approx.) per person. It has wooden flooring and antique furnishings with one in-house restaurant and an outdoor pool.
  • The Fern Spazio Leisure Resort: With private balconies and Goan-styled architecture, The Fern Spazio Leisure Resort is the epitome of the budget-friendly stays in North Goa near Anjuna Beach. The accommodation price starts at 1,700 INR (approx.) per person. Splendid landscape and warm hospitality is sure to lure you!
  • Laguna Anjuna: This is yet another countryside beach resort dotted with Goan-Portuguese-styled architecture. It has an outdoor pool to unwind and recharge the summer days. With a pampering spa and pristine lagoons, stay at Laguna Anjuna at under 4,000 INR (approx.) per person.

What Are the Famous Restaurants Near Anjuna Beach?

How could you miss out on a culinary retreat in and around Anjuna Beach in North Goa? Sampling traditional Goan, Portuguese, and other culinary delicacies highlight most of the famous restaurants near Anjuna Beach. You would be spoiled for choices because there are a range of places to eat at Anjuna Beach. With beach shacks, cafes, and restaurants lining in and around the beach, the Anjuna Beach is a foodie paradise also! Hard to believe? Then scroll down to find out the popular beach shacks and restaurants in Anjuna Beach:

Shiva Valley: Unlock a great evening at Shiva Valley to manifest the boisterous Goan nightlife followed by trance music and a blend of unique cuisines. This beach shack at Anjuna Beach has existed since hippie days in Goa. with a cool cocktail and tranquil beachside vibes, have a well spent evening at Shiva Valley. Nosh on Chinese, Indian, and continental cuisine for two within 1,000 INR (approx.).

Curlies Beach Shack: This is yet another coolest beach shack in Anjuna Beach, famous amongst the locals and tourists. This popular place to eat at Anjuna Beach gets to life after sunset. Not to mention, Curlies Beach Shack is the oldest amongst the North Goa, where you can nosh on Goan, Italian, and several other cuisines amidst the scenic backdrop of the beach. Meals for two at Curlies Beach Shack start at 1,000 INR (approx.).

Goa’s Ark: Savor the perfectly cooked Mediterranean food at Goa’s Ark. They serve Middle East and Israeli food; therefore, many international tourists flourish here. Binge a meal here for two under 800 INR (approx.).

Lilliput: If you talk about the best lively shack in Anjuna Beach, considering Lilliput is not a bad idea. Here techno parties run wild till the sunrise from the time of sunset. Relish the blend of cuisines at Lilliput and enjoy swimming also at the beach as its setting is away from the rocks at the beach. Meals for two start at 900 INR (approx.) for two.

Can I Enjoy Shopping At Anjuna Beach in North Goa?

Yes! You can enjoy shopping therapy at Anjuna Beach in North Goa. Wednesday is the day when Anjuna hosts the popular flea market. Anjuna Flea Market is the queen of the flea markets in North Goa, where you can buy souvenirs from Rajasthan, Kashmir, and yes, seashells and other local souvenirs from Goa. The opening timings of the Anjuna Flea Market is 9 AM to 8 PM every Wednesday.

What Else to Do At Anjuna Beach Other Than Watersports?

Explore the chic cafes and trendy clubs to bask yourself in the boho or hippie vibes without going to any hipster destination. Anjuna Beach in North Goa is the epitome of hippie-laid life since the Portuguese influence has embraced the Goan countryside. Wander the inside and outs of the Chapora Fort, which is located next to Anjuna Beach. Did we mention that you can try quad biking also on the golden sands?

What Are the Important Travel Tips to Know Before Going to Anjuna Beach?

  • Don’t miss swimming, surfing, sunsets, and sailing at Anjuna Beach
  • Book your beachside accommodation in advance to snag the good deals
  • The Anjuna Flea Market remains open only on Wednesday from 9 AM 6 PM
  • Pack your beachwear and swimsuits for the watersports
  • Know about the ideal time to visit the beach
  • Do not roam after the beach or with your spouse alone after sunset
  • Beware of the scammers on the beach selling electronics at the cheap price
  • Don’t indulge yourself in any argument