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Arambol Beach Goa

Put a unique spin on your next Goa trip with the like-minded foreigner crowd at Arambol Beach. Because this is one of the best beaches in North Goa, where international travelers are flourishing the most since the late 1960s. Arambol Beach is located in Arambol Village, which is a famous fishermen’s village. The fishermen of Arambol conduct dolphin spotting trips. Yoga and meditation classes are run along the shoreline. Arambol Beach and the village has been carrying hippies vibes since the 1960s.

Arambol Beach in North Goa is categorized into two parts - Arambol and Harmal. The latter one (Harmal) is more popular than the former one because cliffs surround it. There are no big hotels or resorts on the beach, but you can find beach huts at the backside of the beach. A few beach shacks here provide staycation options to the tourists. Arambol Beach witnesses the great mix of people worldwide, mainly due to the flourishing of England, Israel, and Europe.

The 16 kilometers of the long shoreline is enough to persuade the tourists to bask under the swaying palm trees. There are red rocky hills scattered all over, overlooking the Arabian Sea and the beach. At the northern end of Arambol Beach, a thick forest is packed with a sweet water lake followed by the Banyan Tree. Where the famous musical band Beatles were supposed to meditate. There is an adjacent beach - Kalacha Beach, which can be visited on foot.

Arambol Beach has a hippie past that dates back to the late 1960s. Many hippies from Israel and Russia flock to this coastal village while a few settled down in Calangute and other North Goa beaches. What makes Arambol Beach the standout beach of North Goa is the fact that important cultural events are held here, including the Indian Juggling Convention and the Tribal Dance Festival. Shutterbugs would love to capture the sunset here, and the beach parties in Arambol Beach are quite impressive.

During the evening before the sunset, one can observe the group of foreigners jamming on guitars in chic beachside cafes. Open mic nights happening at beach parties are quite famous here. The beach shack in Arambol Beach offers stays, while the beach huts located at the back of the beach serve budget-friendly accommodation at Arambol Beach. Regularly lauded as the best beach in North Goa for swimming because of the calm and shallow waters. Watersports at Arambol Beach are famous, including banana boat rides, jet ski, snorkeling, parasailing, and surfing.

When is The Best Time to Visit Arambol Beach?

November to February is the best time to visit Arambol Beachto rub elbows with the elite foreigner crowd. On the other hand, it is the wintertime when the temperature is nice and does not exceed upto 27°C (approx.) and is considered perfect for enjoying a range of watersports at Arambol Beach. However, accommodation in and around Arambol Beach skyrockets because this is the peak season.

From mid-April till June, Arambol Beach and other Goan beaches endure a tremendous amount of heat. Infact, the initial days of April are less hot but later, the heat becomes unbearable, and the daytime temperature shoots up to 34°C (approx.). It is a summer season when the humidity and the heat are clustered together and don’t allow tourists to come on the beach from 11 AM till 4 PM. If you are looking to enjoy the beach vibes of Arambol with friends, April to June is the best time to go to Arambol Beach.

The monsoon season of Arambol starts from July till September. This period is not suitable for watersports lovers as none of them operate due to the strong tides. Furthermore, it is best to avoid your beach hopping during the monsoon in search of watersports. Otherwise, you will be disappointed. But these months are Goa’s low season and witness a gradual decrease in the room rates of the accommodation. So if you want to enjoy the heavy dip in the hotel rates, book your trip to Arambol Beach and enjoy beach walks only carefully!

How to Reach Arambol Beach from Panjim and Goa International Airport?

Road connectivity is the only option to reach Arambol either from Panjim or Dabolim International Airport. And guess what? You won’t find any hindrance for the commute as there are many commute options, including local buses, private buses operated for group tourists, and private cabs. Now learn about how to reach Arambol Beach from Panjim and the Goa International Airport:

Getting to Arambol Beach from Panjim:To reach Arambol Beach from the capital of Goa, Panjim is not a hefty task. Bus services from the Panjim bus stand are frequent too without any halt. A few of the handful of private buses operate too for the group travelers from Panjim. The Arambol Bus Stop is located on the main road, which is 1 kilometer (approx.) from the main beach. The average travel distance between Panjim and Arambol Village is 39 kilometers (approx.). While the average travel time to reach would be around 1 hour 20 minutes (approx.). Hire a taxi starts at ₹ 800 - ₹ 1200 (approx.) for 2-3 people.

Getting to Arambol Beach from Goa International Airport: The average distance between Dabolim Airport and Arambol is 60 kilometers. The normal average travel time is 2 hours (approx.) if you choose a prepaid taxi outside the Dabolim Airport, which would cost you around ₹ 1,500 - ₹ 2,000 (approx.) for two people. If you wish to save money on the commute, take a bus to Panjim from the airport and proceed to the Arambol Village/beach.

What Are the Best Places to Stay in and Near Arambol Beach?

First comes first - accommodation at Arambol is not very affordable but enticing enough and in the budget than the staycations at the other beaches of Goa. Next, affordable accommodations in Arambol are not oh-so-luxurious but low range to mid-range. In short, there are no 5-star resorts or hotels at Arambol Beach because this place is a symbol of local fishermen staying in the heat of the fishing village. This means you can knock down the options for accommodation like a hostel, guest houses, and beach shacks.

Thanks to the locals who preserved the character and took it seriously to maintain the audacity of the village enough not to get spoiled with unwanted mass tourism. Such is the affordability level of the places to stay in Arambol that most tourists who come here are long-term stayers. If you want to enjoy the legacy of the 5-star hotel near Arambol Beach, visit Anjuna (20 km) and Mandrem (7.6 km). Now let’s talk about the best hotels and resorts near Arambol beach:

Happy Panda Hostel:Best for backpackers and features an onsite bar, room, kitchen, and library.

ImagiNation – Artists’ Hostel:Feel home away from the home at ImagiNation - Artists’ Hostel.

Sweet Valley Cottages:This is a beach shack on Arambol Beach where you can stay overnight. It has a bar, a shared lounge, and a garden and features a family room also!

Lotus Sutra:This 3-star property in Arambol has cottages with beach views and serves drool-worthy Goan cuisine for families, couples, and backpackers.

Hype Beach Resort:This beachfront property is just 200 m (approx.) away from Arambol Beach. The rooms are non-air conditioned, but it has onsite restaurants of its own and free parking.

What Are the Famous Restaurants and Beach Shacks at Arambol Beach?

From the northern end to the southern end of Arambol Beach, several restaurants and beach shacks are lined up! Most of them are close to the beach, within 20 m to 200 m (approx.). All of them serve Goan delicacies as the primary food. But you can nosh on international cuisines as well at the restaurants and the beach shacks at the Arambol Beach. So take a quick look at the places to eat in and around Arambol Beach to satiate your hunger:

Cheeky Monkey:At the northern end of the beach Cheeky Monkey is located. Nosh on the extraordinary dessert, Italian delicacies, and Mediterranean meal.

Negi Beach Huts:Run by the Pahadis, this property in the coastal village of Arambol has free beachfront beds and a sun terrace for the steller sea views.

The Twice in Nature:It is a cafe with live music, and foreigners flock here to meet like-minded individuals.

Shimon Falafel: Relish the delicious falafels in the Arambol here. Boasting authentic middle eastern and Israeli cuisine, they provide indoor and outdoor settings.

What Are the Shopping Options at Arambol Beach?

Watch the dozens of small businesses packed closely together on the streets of the Arambol if your heart is itching to enjoy shopping near Arambol Beach. Of course, shopping in Arambol is about buying oh-so-just trinkets and handicrafts that are famous in Goa, but you will also find a huge assortment of things that come in use in daily life, from books to stainless steel bottles.

The Arambol Beach Hippie Sunset Market is best to explore in peak season if you want to buy hippies stuff. This market is set along the beach where different sellers sell distinct things. Moreover, the lanes of the Arambol Village will tell you a lot about the Goan lifestyle and Portuguese legacy. Don’t forget to check out the small shops in the village.

Saturday Night Market near Arpora, just 30 minutes (approx.) drive from Arambol Village/Beach, is best to shop local souvenirs. The market remains open from 6 PM till early morning on Saturday only!

What Are the Famous Water Sports at Arambol Beach?

Show your near and dear ones that you love them to the shoreline and back. Wondering how? Don’t worry! Instead, Beach Happy and indulge in the famous water sports at Arambol Beach. This beach in North Goa is one of the best beaches to enjoy watersports. At a low price compared to the other beaches of Goa.

Craving to take that dose of Vitamin SEA? Flick through the watersports to enjoy in Arambol:

Dolphin Sightseeing Trip:Dolphins are the most friendly marine creatures which you should spot in Arambol. The local fisherman arranges boat trips to let tourists enjoy dolphin sightseeing.

Jet Ski:Boosts your blood circulation and stabilizes your body muscles while you race along the ocean waves.

Banana Boat Ride:Enjoy this watersport with your little ones and even family. Banana Boat Ride is one of the family-friendly watersports in Goa.

Surfing:Learn surfing lessons and surf on the waves like a pro to flaunt your gram like a novice surfer.

Bumper Ride:Align the rubber tube and let the speedboat drag it around the sea. Bumper Ride is actually for adults, not kids and senior citizens or anyone who’s a faint-hearted person.

What Are the Important Travel Tips to Know Before Going to Arambol Beach?

  • Carry your own swimwear or rent it out with minimal security deposit
  • Don’t swim near the area which is marked restricted or dangerous
  • Monsoon is not the ideal time to visit Arambol Beach
  • Beach shacks during monsoon are not operational (most of them)
  • Enjoy watersports under the supervision of the expert instructor
  • Couples must not roam on the beach alone at night to avoid any unwanted trouble
  • Don’t flaunt yourself drinking on the beach; otherwise, you would have to pay a heavy fine
  • Avoid eye contact with the locals on the beach if you are with your spouse
  •  Sunsets at Arambol Beach are Instagram worthy, so don't miss them
  • The beach hunts on the backside of the beach provide accommodation starting at 600 INR (approx.)
  • Explore Kalacha Beach just north of the Arambol Beach
  • Take a dip in the therapeutic Paliem Lake
  • Tanta Festival is held here in January, where yoga and meditation is the highlight
  • The Arambol Festival is held annually in February is a carnival of dancing, music, and bonfires