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Cola Beach in South Goa

Rejoice the Bohemian life at the golden stretch of Cola Beach in South Goa which has a beautiful water lagoon. Cola Beach is located in Canacona town of South Goa, and is situated close to the Agonda (10 km) and Palolem Beach (15 km). A ferry or boat ride from Agonda Beach is best to reach Cola Beach. Another option to reach Cola Beach is suitable for the adults-only excluding the senior citizens because the access to the beach is tough. One has to pass through a pebbled road from the beach's main road. 

What distinguishes Cola Beach from the other beaches of Goa is the blue lagoon. A small creek comes straight out of the thick vegetation, and before meeting the Arabian Sea here, it forms a freshwater lagoon. It is called an emerald lagoon because of its crystal clear green colors and its calming swimmable waters. Palm trees and lush verdant borders along its canals add a dash of beauty to the lagoons.

Locals of South Goa know Cola Beach with the name of Khola Beach. This secluded hidden beach in South Goa is best for divers. The USP of Cola Beach gives the feeling of a private beach where you can escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. Kayakers also hit the blue lagoon here, followed by sunbathing amidst the sparkling sea. 

Upon observing carefully, one will find that the Cola is divided into two parts - North Cola and South Cola, and a hill separates both. The North Cola Beach is around 800 m long (approx.), while the South Cola is around 145 m (approx.). Large volcanic boulders with the backdrops of the tall forested hills are another highlight of Cola Beach.

Cola Beach was once rated as the 12th most beautiful and serene beach in India, ranked by TripAdvisor in 2018. Flanked by lush, swaying coconut palms and encircled by hilly terrain, this gorgeous beach is a shutterbug's delight too! Those who love swimming in shallow waters can enjoy swimming. Accommodation at Cola Beach could be found in the form of the Bungalows and the tent. There are no beach hunts and luxurious properties at Cola Beach. 

Scroll on to read everything to know about this sun-kissed Cola Beach in South Goa. The following is a comprehensive guide to Cola Beach tourism:

When is The Best Time to Visit Cola Beach?

November through March is considered the best time to visit Cola Beach. Thanks to the ideal weather in Goa during this time because of the winters, which gives tourists the climate they need to enjoy without the fear of the scorching sun. Also, outdoor activities at the beaches like swimming, kayaking, and diving are operational. 

The other best months to go to Cola Beach include April, May, and June, which constitutes the summer season. Early morning before 11 AM and evening after 4 PM is the best time in the summer to go to Cola Beach. Days are sunny, but unfortunately, blistering heat might trouble you with an average high upto 35 degrees celsius (approx.). You will feel relaxed and cool yourself down by plunging into the lagoon for a swimming excursion. 

Monsoon is not the suggested time to visit Cola Beach because even the pebbled paths to reach the beach are unacceptable. Moreover, watersports and the shacks are non-operational. So there won't be any kind of fun like the way you are expecting if you consider July to September months for visiting Cola Beach. 

How to Reach Cola Beach from Panjim and Goa International Airport?

A ferry or boat ride from Agonda Beach and Palolem Beach would help you get to Cola Beach. Although private transportation is another option, keep in mind that the beach is not directly connected with smooth roads. There is no concrete road. From the main road, one has to embark on 2 kilometers (approx.) trek, which passes through the mud road to get there to Cola Beach. You will have to walk down a few flights of stairs from the parking space where the vehicles could be parked to reach sea level. 

Now let's take a look at the ways to reach Cola Beach from Panjim and Goa International Airport: 

Cola Beach from Panjim:If the capital of Goa is your base camp for Goa's trip, you would have to travel for around 66 kilometers (approx.). The average travel duration would be 2 hours (approx.). Keep in mind that vehicles are drivable only at the cliff. Afterward, you need to take a flight of stairs to reach the beach. 

Cola Beach from Goa International Airport: The rough travel distance between Dabolim Airport to Cola Beach Road is 59 kilometers (approx.). Remember that there is no concrete road to reach Cola Beach directly. But you can take on the 2 kilometers (approx.) trek through a muddy path to get there to Cola Beach. Private prepaid taxis are available outside Dabolim Airport to Cola Beach Road. The cost of travel is around 600 INR (approx.). 

What Are the Places to Stay in Cola Beach?

Where to stay in Cola Beachis one of the important things to untangle before you actually visit the beach. Because there are only a handful of places to stay at Cola Beach. However, there are lots of accommodation options near Cola Beach, but accessibility would be an issue. 

With a very limited range of accommodation options in Cola Beach, it is obvious that a staycation in Cola Beach is a costly affair. Similar to other beaches of Goa, Cola Beach does not have fancy beach huts or opulent luxury resorts. 

Instead, tented accommodation at Cola Beach are drenched in traditional Rajasthani style, which could accommodate upto 2 people easily. Did we mention that tended staycations come with a bathroom and verandah? 

Have a look at those handfuls of best hotels/resorts at Cola Beach for a pampering staycation:

Cola Beach Resort:Remain typically open from November till April; Cola Beach Resort is a tented accommodation that will make your stay feel closer to nature. Imagine spending overnight under the coconut palms at one end of the beach. This accommodation features 7 Rajasthani tents. 

Ocean View Cottage:Featuring deluxe ocean-view cottages, Ocean View Cottage sits on the Cola Beach and is a great spot to witness the sunset. A few small local restaurants are dotted around the property. Also, it has jungle view cottages and lagoon view cottages to extend your staycation. 

Dwarka Eco Beach Resort:This property at Cola Beach overlooks the Arabian Sea and blue lagoon. This eco-resort has thatched cottages with the backdrops of the coconut groves. Sundowners can relish toothsome meals at their in-house restaurant and onsite bar. 

What Are the Famous Restaurants at Cola Beach?

The restaurants at Cola Beach are not in abundance. Instead, the already perched ones are positioned inside the resorts. Head to Blue Lagoon Cola Resort which has a beachfront restaurant. Relish a range of cuisines, including Indian, European, and Chinese. They have a full in-house bar also! 

However, there are several beach shacks located near Cola Beach on Agonda Beach road. The most famous ones include Kopi Desa Agonda, Fatima Corner, and Blue Planet Café 

What Sort of Activities One Can Enjoy At Cola Beach? 

When you are at Cola Beach, indulge in kayaking, fishing, swimming, and diving. Moreover, shutterbugs would capture the hues of the sun in the evening, which is an experience to behold at Cola Beach. 

What Are the Important Travel Tips to Know Before Going to Cola Beach?

  • The drive up to the cliff to reach the beach is not for the faint-hearted
  • A mud road from the main road of Cola Beach leads to the beach after a 2 km (approx.) walk
  • Strongly recommended for adults who have strong endurance but not for the older people 
  • There is a fenced area around 800 m from the beach where you must park your vehicle
  • Don't take hatchback low clearance car
  • During high tide, the entire beach gets submerged into waters
  • The lagoons have shrieked and have not a lot of much water depth, thus suitable for kids swimming
  • Mobile network connectivity may be a problem 
  • Accommodation is pretty expensive at Cola Beach due to less availability
  • Beware of the tech-friendly monkeys on the cliff, and don't flaunt your gadgets 
  • Stay away from the boulders 
  • Keep in mind that the depth of the beach can change anytime Monsoon period from July till September is when the beach and the path to reach remains closed