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Mobor Beach Goa

Out of the two districts of Goa - south and north, the former one is known to have extra secluded beaches with white sands. And Mobor Beach in South Goa is no exception. Located 15 minutes (approx.) walk from Cavelossim Beach, this beach is of 2 kilometers (approx.) stretch and is touted as one of the safe beaches in South Goa for swimming. The shoreline of Mobor Beach is dotted with luxury hotels, budget resorts, and charming guest houses for every kind of traveler. Colva Beach is yet another tourist-friendly spot near Mobor Beach. Such is the serenity of Mobor Beach that it sounds and appeals to the eyes extra idyllic because of the less crowd.

The crowd-pulling factor of Mobor Beach is its range of watersports tourists can indulge in. Tourists will find charming shacks and sunbeds to unwind in Goan style. A long walk on the beach shore is a rewarding activity at Mobor Beach because one can see the Sal River meeting the ocean at some point. Signup for the river cruises at Sal River along with enjoying watersports. One can find the lifeguards always on duty at Mobor Beach in order to keep tourists safe. With less unwanted noise and no beach hawkers, visiting Mobor beach on a Goa trip is a great idea with near or dear ones.

Scroll on to read more about why Mobor Beach in South Goa is worth all the hype.

What Are the Watersports in Mobor Beach That Should Not Be Missed?

Watersports enthusiasts at Mobor Beach can indulge themselves in a range of water activities, from parasailing to speed boat and dolphin watching excursions. These are just a few of the watersports at Mobor Beach. Take a complete look at the top water activities at Mobor Beach:

  • Jet Ski: Capture views of the golden coastline drenched with beach shacks on a jet ski ride.
  • Parasailing: Behold the majestic views of the azure sea while gliding over the Mobor Beach attached with a speedboat on a parasailing adventure.
  • Banana Boat Ride: Enjoy the gushing sea wind racing against you with family on a Banana Boat Ride excursion.

What Are the Best Accommodations Near Mobor Beach?

Mobor Beach is located in South Goa and is tucked in the vicinity of the Mobor, which is a local village. There are a range of accommodations in and around Mobor Beach, which could be the fit for budget and luxury travelers. The shoreline of Mobor Beach is dotted with impressive luxury resorts that are a destination in themselves. Plus, affordable hotels near Mobor Beach are equally impressive for those who want to vacay South Goa without breaking the bank. Appreciate our hard work because we have scouted the best accommodation to Mobor Beach:

Varca Palms Beach Resort: For an incredible sojourn amidst the 14 acres of the lush green luxury property, make Varca Palms Beach Resort your base camp for holidays near Mobor Beach. Stay in this 3-star property within 5,000 INR (approx.) per person.

The Leela Goa, Luxury Beach, and Riverside Resort: Stay in this award-winning 5-star hotel near Mobor Beach on a romantic trip to Goa. It is India’s only beach and riverside luxury resort that has rooms facing the Arabian Sea. Within 13,000 INR (approx.) per person, a stay at this luxurious property will enchant your mind.

Sal Riviera: This is a 3-star property and is one of the budget-friendly accommodations at Mobor Beach. One can have a nice view of the Sal River from their room, and Mobor Beach is located within walking distance. Staycation at Sal Riviera starts at INR 2,000 (approx.) per person onwards.

When is the Best Time to Visit Mobor Beach?

For a rejuvenating holiday experience without the water sports fun, October to February/March is the best time to visit Mobor Beach. On the other hand, winter is the time when the sun’s heat is tolerable, and one can enjoy watersports without any hindrance.

March to May is considered an uncomfortable month because of the scorching heat but the accommodation price is lowered. If you manage to bear the sultry heat, indeed, summer is the second-best time to go to Mobor Beach.

Whereas July to September is the monsoon period and is not the suggested time to visit Mobor Beach. Chances of hindrance in watersports are huge because of the strong waves. However, a beach stroll could be enjoyed but keep a watch on the wave tides.

What’s the Way to Reach Mobor Beach from Panjim and Goa International Airport?

From Panjim: Panjim is the capital of the sunshine state of India, Goa which is around 49 kilometers (approx.). Away from Mobor Beach. The traveling time to reach Mobor Beach from Panjim is 1.5 hours (approx.). The road journey from the capital of Goa to this south Goa beach could be covered either on a personal vehicle, private taxi, local bus, or auto rickshaw. Remember to calculate the fair in advance and better to be clear regarding the payment mode also!

From Goa International Airport: Goa: Tourists can embark on the impressive road journey to Mobor Beach from Goa International Airport either in a prepaid taxi or rented bikes. The average travel distance between Mobor Beach and Goa’s only airport is 35 kilometers (approx.), and the average travel time is supposed to be 1 hour (approx.).

What Are Famous Restaurants Near Mobor Beach?

Mobor beach is enough of charming beach shacks and restaurants where you can relish authentic Goan sea food. A few of the places to eat at Mobor Beach serve international cuisine as well. A healthy and tasty meal price for two near Mobor Beach eating places starts from 500 INR (approx.) onwards to 2,000 INR (approx.). Have a look at the famous restaurants near Mobor Beach:

Mike’s Oasis Beach Shack: Boozing and eating is best enjoyed at Mike’s Oasis Beach Shack within 800 INR (approx.) for two people.

Beach Grill: A premium range of beverages and scrumptious seafood awaits you at this multi-cuisine restaurant near Mobor Beach. The ambiance is pretty cozy so make sure to shed 2,500 INR (approx.) for two for a great meal.

James Cafe Beach Hut: This is amongst the romantic places to eat near Mobor Beach. It is a charming hut without an outdoor seating area. The band plays live music, which is a retreat to the monotonous soul. Meals for 2 here start at 1,200 INR (approx.) onwards.

Are There Places for Shopping Near Mobor Beach?

Yes! There are places for shopping near Mobor Beach because the shore of this pristine beach is flanked with colorful shops. You can buy beautiful trinkets to impress your lady or mother. Ladies can shop handicraft items and antique pieces along with seashell decors. Make sure you test your bargaining skills while enjoying shopping in and around Mobor Beach.

What Else to Do At Mobor Beach Other Than Watersports?

Mobor Beach is a safe beach for taking romantic strolls during the dusk hours. Couples without the fear of harassment can stroll its 2 kilometers (approx.) coastline. On various occasions, the beach shacks organize beach parties where you can shake your legs on the music and the beats. Colva and Cavelossim Beach is next to Mobor Beach, so clubbing a day trip to these two beaches with Mobor Beach on a bike ride is a great idea. Furthermore, one can indulge in Sal River Cruise followed by river rafting adventure.

What Are the Important Travel Tips to Know Before Going to Mobor Beach?

  • Always wear a life jacket before trying watersports.
  • Sit near the lifeguard if you can.
  • Pack the beach essentials like a flip flop, hat, sunscreen, and similar.
  • Have a backup plan for unwanted weather conditions.
  • Avoid the monsoon to enjoy water sports.