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Khandepar Caves Goa

Situated on the banks of river Khandepar in Goa, Khandepar caves are a group of free standing caves cut with rocks. These rock cut caves are rated amongst the top tourist attractions in the state of Goa. History of this attraction dates back to 10th and 11th century, when its constructional style was just structural.

One of the finest rock cut sanctuaries in Goa, Khandepar caves boast of three exquisite cave structures which are similar in pattern and are carved from a single block. The structure of these caves is stretched in a Shikhara style temple, with the top being made in laterite blocks. Besides these caves, the region of Khandepar also speaks of a fourth cave, which lies nearby to the other three caves.

While exploring these caves, lotus ceiling decoration, wooden doors and carved out pegs are likely to catch the attention of the visitors. The aesthetic interior design of the Khandepar caves in Goa also gives a feeling of being of Buddhist origin.  Rediscovered in the year 1970, these caves are around 36 km from Panaji in Khandepar village.