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Forts in Goa

Goa is an attractive tourist spot that has been bestowed with the nature's most treasured gifts. If a tourist has not visited Goa then he surely has missed out on something. There are numerous places to visit in Goa, among which beaches, temples and churches form the prime attractions.

There are many forts in Goa which have historical significance attached to them. These forts are rich in historical heritage and tell vivid stories about the past. They have undauntedly faced the harsh ravages of nature and time to stand erect till today. On a guest's visit to Goa he should surely visit the forts of Goa.

One of the things to do in Goa is to visit is forts. These forts in Goa form illustrations in the pages of history of the country and have been a mute witness to all the events of the past. These forts are located at convenient distances from the various hotels and resorts and offer good views of the landscape of Goa and its beaches. These forts had been built by the Mughals and the Portuguese rulers while spreading the wings of their empires.

Some of the forts have also been transformed into central jails for keeping prisoners. These majestic forts in Goa have a subtle appeal to the various tourists from all parts of the world. These forts had been built a long time ago and bear witness to the happenings of the yesteryears. Each of these majestic forts have a different story to tell and if a tourist misses out these forts as a part of their sightseeing attractions in Goa, then his tour to Goa shall be indeed an incomplete one.