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Lakes and Springs in Goa

Stretches of white sand, gently kissed by the cool blue waves have probably become synonymous with Goa. But Nature has blessed Goa with diverse natural attractions that are no less in their appeal and beauty. The lakes and springs in Goa need a special mention. When you begin to feel that you have had enough of the beach experience, you can shift the focus to the lakes and springs in Goa for a very different experience altogether.

The lakes and springs of Goa will take you farther from the seashore to an invigorating and picturesque locale, ideal for picnics. The rippling silvery water attracts a considerable number of tourists in search of blissful solitude. The Mayem Lake, for instance, is an aesthetically pleasing spot, nestled amidst verdant hills. The Carambolin Lake is a natural lake whose beauty is doubled the blossoming water lilies drifting on its surface. Scores of birds feeding on the water plants is a visual treat. If you are an avid bird lover, you must visit the Curtorim Lake, regarded as the birdwatcher's paradise.

Goa is also endowed with a number of springs. The Kesarval Spring is a popular one and is believed to contain healing properties. The Narora Village boasts of two springs, the Vhoddli Zhor and the Dhakti Zhor. The beauty of this springs are complemented by its rustic environs. The Baga Beach has a number of springs whose waters have curative qualities.