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Carambolim lake in Goa

Situated around 12 km from the capital city of Panjim, Carambolim lake in Goa is amongst the most popular spots for bird watching. Primarily built to facilitate irrigation, the marshy Carambolim lake is a real treat for photographers.

Best suited for the monsoons, the lake attracts a large number of exotic birds like Jacans, open-billed storks, herons, pintails, egrets pink flamingoes and moorhens. During the rainy season, these birds migrate from the Rann of Kuch and other parts of India to this exotic location in Goa.  

Not just the migratory birds, the flora of the Carambolim lake also does not seem to disappoint. The diversified flora which includes water lilies, Indian marsh snowflakes and water hyacinths looks quite captivating

Besides, the picturesque green surroundings covered with rice fields give the lake a romantic impression. Being located close to Panjim, Carambolim lake in Goa can be easily reached via car, bus or train.