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Arogya Mandir

Arogya Mandir in Gorakhpur is one of the very reputed wellness centers in Gorakhpur. In this health rejuvenation camp body and mind related ailments are treated following natural curative methods and yoga in their original form. This wellness center induces a natural healing process in the body which gives boost to self-curative forces and enable in healing and acquiring health. It endeavors to give lessons to and treat you to enjoy a sound natural life only in 10 days. The main and the only aim of this health center is to provide you with happy and fit life. It suggests a 10-day program to the fitness seekers on the basis of the thorough medical check-ups and pathological examination.

For the convenience of the patients who come from far and wide places apt accommodation facilities at Gorakhpur Arogya Mandir have been introduced. It puts on offer elegantly appointed simple and attractive A. C. Deluxe, Double bedded, Four bedded and Eight bedded suites & Dormitory with modern amenities. Some of the items of daily use that are provided by the center include mosquito-net, bed-cushion, bed-sheet and pillow. However there are certain items that patients are advised to bring along and which include clothing, blanket in winters, clock, plate, knife, thermos, glass, etc.

Some of the facilities that you can avail easily by securing accommodations at Arogya Mandir in Gorakhpur comprise of free consultation, library, T. V., Green & extensive pollution-free campus with a 230 m. walking trail, post office, telephone (STD/ PCO/ ISD), laundry and tailor.

History of Arogya Mandir, Gorakhpur

Gorakhpur Arogya Mandir was established in the year 1940 by Dr. Vithal Das Modi who took birth in Gorakhpur on 25th April 1912. Dr. Vithal Das Modi was a graduate from Benaras Hindu University and took active part in the fighting for India's freedom. He was a naturopath, litterateur and philanthropist. He was also known to be the teacher of special repute of 'Vipassana' meditation taught by Gautam the Buddha, until 23rd march, 2000 when he died. This vice-president of All-India Nature-Cure council penned several books on Nature-cure of which 'Rogon ki Saral Chikitsa' was widely recognized and has been published in 14 editions.

Activities at Arogya Mandir, Gorakhpur

At Arogya Mandir in Gorakhpur host of therapies are applied on the participants to ensure health and well-being. Some of these therapies are  

  • Hydrotherapy
  • Mud-Therapy
  • Yoga and Pranayam
  • Exercises
  • Warm Bath
  • Steam Bath
  • Massage
  • Diet

To implement natural therapy process and regularize the life-style of the participants at Gorakhpur Arogya Mandir tentative routine is devised which comprises of the following randomly mentioned steps:

  • Morning walk
  • Evening walk
  • Yoga and Exercises (at Raju Krishnam Hall of the mandir)
  • Laboratory Tests
  • Consultation with Doctors and treatment
  • Lunch
  • Dinner
  • Library
  • Lectures
  • Laundry
  • Tailor
  • Badminton Game


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