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Tithal Beach

There are many stunning and sparkling beaches in Gujarat which are the true gateway to escape humdrums of urban life and let oneself loose to bask in the unblemished beauty of the nature in its full bloom. However of the several beaches the one that has caught immense attention of the beach seekers is the Tithal Beach, Valsad.

Valsad is located in the southern region of Gujarat. It is renowned for mangor farms and chikoo. However the one that has given it a real distinction mark is the Valsad Tithal Beach. This beach is very stunning and pristine.

The Tithal Beach in Valsad stretches to the west part of the city of Valsad. It is around 5 km from here. Many travelers come to this beach to shun their tiredness. The best way they adopt to get rid of the tiredness is that they recline on its golden glistening sandy expanse amidst palm fringed cottages for long hours and observe the beauty of the nature that is still untouched by modern encroachments.

On a tour to Gujarat you must come to Tithal Beach, Valsad. Here along with enjoying a full day of fun and enjoyment, you can satisfy your spiritual self to the fullest extent as the very popular and highly venerated Sai Baba temple and Swaminarayan temple of the city are located on this beach itself.

The Tithal Beach in Valsad is very conveniently accessible. Also, from here you can go to nearby attractive Hajira and Ubharat beaches to seek some more unlimited hours of fun and enjoyment.

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