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Forts and Monuments in Gujarat

The terms history, heritage, culture and traditions define the real glory of Gujarat, one of the very famous and truly effervescent states of India. Steeped deep in the past, every nook and corner of Gujarat bears testimony to the richness and royal grandeur that this place had once enjoyed. Today some of the very specific sites that bear witness to the splendid bygone days are none but the timeless forts and monuments in Gujarat.

Gujarat forts and monuments constitute a very significant part of the several types of tourist attractions in Gujarat. In fact it will not be an overstatement to say; with these in the backdrop, the beauty of Gujarat has reached a unique height. Today modern structures standing amidst the old ones appear to be exemplifying the concept of inheritance and moving ahead with time carrying old values along. The combination of old and new has precisely beguiled every heart and mind. Truly speaking, this combination not only speaks about the grandeur of Gujarat but also presents some of the sublime values of India, for which it is known in the entire world.

On visiting the forts and monuments in Gujarat on your tour to Gujarat you will come across many interesting facts about them. You will not only enjoy the undying sagas associated with these sites but also the refined architectural patterns they boast of. The work of art these sites gasconade is the sight to feast eyes on.

On a very close look at Gujarat forts and monuments you will find that majority of these sites showcase a blend of Hindu, Islamic and European architectural styles. The period wooden furniture in these places forms an interesting ingredient. To state laconically, you will enjoy every bit of your tour to Gujarat forts and monuments.

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